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SC Animal Protection & Rescue Organizations

SC Animal Spay and Neuter Resources

Pet overpopulation – and euthanasia – is a terrible problem in South Carolina and the US as a whole. In South Carolina, the death rate at most shelters is well over 75%. This means that for every four animals who enter, three never come out.

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  • No Kill South Carolina
    A grassroots animal care initiative working with six animal shelters which serve as "Key Resource Centers" to coach, inspire and train vulnerable animal sheltering organizations throughout the state on lifesaving strategies by reducing both the overpopulation and the unnecessary euthanasia.

SC Animal Appreciation & Enjoyment Groups

The groups listed here come together to enjoy a mutual appreciation of specific species or varieties, or they gather to promote their enthusiasm for obedience training, agility exercises, or other animal-related activities.

SC Animal-Human Healing Organizations

SC State Animal Symbols

These native mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and reptiles have been chosen by our state's legislature to officially represent South Carolina.

Native SC Animals

These fun and informative resources will help you learn more about South Carolina's native fauna.

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