South Carolina History and Genealogy

South Carolina SC History, Genealogy Welcome to SCIWAY's guide to South Carolina history. These resources will help you trace the history of present-day South Carolina from its earliest, pre-European era. Our historical resources are divided into the following categories:
  1. History of SC people
  2. History of SC places
  3. History of SC periods
  4. SC genealogy
  5. SC names
  6. SC boating history
  7. SC research resources

History of SC Places

History of the State of South Carolina

History of South Carolina Counties

South Carolina has had as few as three counties, but today we have 46. Learn about their histories here:

History of South Carolina Landmarks

Take a look at the individual landmarks that define South Carolina's history. From churches to schools, from forts to historic homes, these important places remind us of our state's deep cultural heritage.

  • Historic buildings, monuments, and sites in South Carolina

  • Historic cemeteries and graveyards in South Carolina

  • Historic churches in South Carolina

  • Historic houses in South Carolina

  • Historic lighthouses in South Carolina
    South Carolina is home to 11 lighthouses, but only two of them continue to function as official, working navigational guides. Three others still shine, but two are facsimiles and one is privately-owned and used only for decoration. Sadly, the other five lighthouses, all of which are historic, no longer work.

  • Historic plantations in South Carolina is an open, active historical respiratory that includes entries for every known South Carolina plantation. Information is contributed by the public and then vetted by SCIWAY's staff, with over 1,500 plantations currently in the process of being documented.

  • Historic public schools in South Carolina
    Public schools in South Carolina were in poor condition and received few tax dollars in the early 20th century. Hoping to remedy this problem, the SC General Assembly worked to consolidate schools which in turn led to a substantial increase in school construction. Wanting to protect its investment, the state began to inspect and insure all school buildings via the Sinking Fund Commission in 1919. This collection of photos catalogs approximately 2,600 public schools, African-American and white.

  • Historically black schools in South Carolina
    Many formerly all-black K12 schools evolved out of South Carolina's "separate but equal" building spree of the 1950s. However, others – like the ones listed in this guide – predate that era.
    Equalization Schools in South Carolina
    South Carolina's Equalization Schools – also called "separate but equal" schools – were built by our state during the 1950s in an effort to forestall integration. This guide helps documents these important landmarks.

  • Carolina Rails
    Railroads have played no small part in South Carolina's history, and this site explores the history of the iron horse in our state from 1827 to the present.

History of SC Periods

History of SC People

SC Genealogy

SC Names

SC Boating History

SC History and Genealogy – Research & Resources

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