South Carolina – Dixie – Song of the South

South Carolina SC History, Genealogy Dixie "Whenever Dixie is produced, the pen drops from the fingers of the plodding clerk, the spectacles from the nose and the paper from the hand of the merchant, the needle from the nimble digits of the maid and matron, and all go hobbling, bobbling in tune with the magical music. Won't someone set it to words of Union sentiment?" - c. 1861

"Emmett's original words and music still bring people to their feet as no other song in America does. [Americans] stand in deference to the tradition of The Star Spangled Banner, but they rise to Dixie itself." - c. 1920

"Fast or slow, it's a beautiful song ... about a special place that has so much promise ... if only we can learn to walk in each other's shoes." - 2000

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