South Carolina Scots-Irish and Scotch-Irish History

South Carolina SC History SC Scots-Irish History The Scots-Irish are an important part of South Carolina history. Families who emigrated from Scotland and Ireland, often by way of New England states such as Pennsylvania, brought with them a ruggedness honed from years of religious persecution

During the Revolutionary War, Scots-Irish soldiers fought gallantly for our freedom. These patriots took part in every battle fought in the state of South Carolina and are largely credited with turning the tide of the American Revolution in the South.

Immigrants from Scotland and Ireland, along with their descendents, are technically called Scots-Irish. However, since so many people accidentally search for them as Scotch-Irish, we have included this variant here so that everyone can find our guide. That said, it is good to note that Scotch isn't the name of a group of people – it's the name of a drink. And a good one at that!

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