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South Carolina – British Loyalists During the American Revolution

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This page lists South Carolinians who were loyal to Great Britain during the American Revolution.
It was created in December 2000 by J. G. Braddock, Sr. of Charleston.

On the eighth of January, 1782, the British were in firm control of Charlestown, which they had captured in May, 1780. That same day, a mere thirty miles westward, the General Assembly of South Carolina's Revolutionary government convened in their capitol, Jacksonboro, little more than a settlement on the Edisto River. By February 26th, they had formulated and passed several Confiscation Acts. The lists of names – some of them misspelled – accompanying the Acts were printed in the March 20, 1782 issue of Charlestown's Royal Gazette. The list would be revised several times by time the war was over.
Royal Gazette
The following has been sent to us from the country, as a correct list of those persons whose estates have been confiscated by an act of the Rebel Assembly at Jacksonburgh. They are divided into six classes.
CLASS I. Comprehends all British subjects who have property in this country, that is to say, such persons as never have submitted to the American Government.
Adams, Heirs of Thomas
Brown Col. Thomas
Boon Thomas
Brice, Fisher, Linwood & Co.
Baily John
Bremar John
Bull, Heirs of Fenewicke
Batark, Heirs of.
Burn John ditto
Balmer Capt. ditto
Coleton William ditto
Campbell Collin
Dean Heirs of Robert
Douglass Samuel
Egecott, Heirs of
Fullalove Thomas ditto
Gibbes Thomas ditto
Greenwood & Higginson
Holmes Robert
Hatley Roger, Heirs of
Hill Richard, ditto
Hume John ditto
Hammerton John ditto
Hunter John ditto
Hall Nathaniel
Irvine, Governor
Knott Jeremiah
Kincaid George
Lampton Richard
Lorrimer Charles Rev
Montague Lord Charles
Maine Charles
Mansell Walter
Murray John
Michie James, Heirs of
McIlroy Patrick
Nesbit John, Heirs of
Ord Capt. British Navy
Ogilvie George
Ogilvie William
Osmond Heirs of
Owners of a Lot in Gadsden's Alley.
Philips Major Ralph
Rugely Rowland, Heirs of
Reeves Capt. Henry
Raper, Heirs Robert
Robert's Barony Property
Savage John
Simpson John, of Georgia
Symond Peter
Stuart, Heirs of John
Saxby George
Thorp's Barony Property
Taylor Peter
Wright Charles
Wright Jermyn
Wright Sir James
Wilson S. British Army
Wells Robert
CLASS II. Such of the former inhabitants of this Country, as presented congratulatory addresses to Sir Henry Clinton and Admiral Arbuthnot.
Ancrum William
Baker Heirs of Benjamin
Burt William
Buckle Thomas, sen.
Bruce David
Buckle Thomas Jun'r
Brown Archibald
Beard Robert
Cook James
Cameron William
Dupont Gideon, jun.
Dennis Richard
Duncan James, Black Smith
Downs Arthur
Eustace Thomas
Elfe Thomas
Fitzsimmons Christian
Fisher John, Cabinet Maker
Gibbs John Walters
Hamilton Paul, sen.
Holmes Joel
Hare Edward
Loocock Aaron
McBeth Alexander
McKimmy William
Michie James
Mills William
Nesbit William
Price Hopton
Petrie Edmund
Russell William
Savage Jeremiah
Saylor David
Valentine William
Wells John, jun.
Wagner John
Ward John,Taylor
Williman Christopher
CLASS III. Those who petitioned to be armed in defence of the British Government, after the conquest of this Province.
Atkins Charles
Cook George
Davies John
Greenwood William
Glen William
Hopton John
Inglis Alexander
Johnston Robert
Kingsley Zephaniah
Lindsay Robert
McKenzie Robert
Phepoe Thomas
Philip Robert
Rugg James
Rose John
Rose Hugh
Reid Andrew
Smith John
Tunno John
Valk Jacob
Wright Alexander
Wragg John
Wayne Richard
Williams Robert
Wilson Robert Dr.
CLASS IV. Those who congratulated Earl Cornwallis, on the victory gained at Camden.
Brisbane James
Cowper Basil
Carne Samuel
Clitherall Dr. James
Deveaux Jacob
Fenwick Edward
Glen John
Garden Dr. Alexander
Hinds Patrick
Johnston Charles
Peronneau Robert
Rose Alexander
Scot, John Son of Jonathan
CLASS V. Those who have borne commissions, civil or military, under the British Government, since the conquest of this Province
Ash Richard
Adamson John
Anderson Capt.
Ball Elias (Wambaw)
Ball Elias (Curmentie)
Ballingall Robert
Brown Malcolm
Bosseaux James
Brockington John, jun.
Blair Robert
Bilton ---------, jun.
Brown Hugh
Buckingham Elias
Black Joseph
Cape Bryan
Cunningham Robert
Cassells James
Capers Gabriel
Cunningham Patrick
Cary James
Cunningham William
Cunningham Andrew
Clary Daniel
Commander Capt. Thomas
Deveaux Andrew
Daw, Heirs of George
Downie John
English Robert
Elfe Robert
Fisher John
Fenwicke Thomas
Farro Dr. James
Fletchall Col. Thomas
Floyd Matthew
Fanning John
Foissin Elias
Ferguson Henry
Fardo George jun.
Fyfe Dr. Charles
Gaillard Theodore
Gordon James
Gaillard John
Gibbs Zachariah
Gray Robert
Gibbs William
Gregory Benjamin
Grierson George
Grigger Jacob
Hibben Andrew
Holmes Heirs of James
King Richard
Kirkland Moses
Legge Benjamin
Linder John jun.
Linah Dr. James
McKenzie Col. Robert
Mills William Henry
Mitchell John jun.
McGilvray Capt. William
Musgrove Capt. William
Michie Christopher
O'Neal Horry
Ogilvie Charles
Porcher Philip
Pendarvis Heirs of Richard
Plumber Daniel
Rees William
Rufss Benjamin
Rhem Joseph
Rugely Henry
Rowe Samuel
Robertson James
Smith James
Seabrook Joseph jun.
Stephens William
Wigfall John
Turner David
Valentine William
Winstanley Thomas
Yarborough Capt.
CLASS VI. Obnoxious Persons.
Deveaux Andrew, jun.
Ellis Edmond
Friday David
Guerrard David
Harrison Nathaniel
Fuller George
Linder John, sen.
Murrel Robert Porcher
Spence Dr. Peter
Willard John
Williamson Andrew

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