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"R" is for Oysters

Any month with an "R" in it means oyster season is here, so pull out your favorite shucking knife and dive into our South Carolina Oyster Guide. If you live along the coast, or like to visit, you know that oyster roasts are as integral to fall as football, fairs, harvest moons, and the coming holidays.

Below you'll find fun festivals, oyster shell recycling information, and a history of our state's once-great oyster industry.

As SC author and oyster expert Vic Burrell aptly explains, an oyster roast is "always a crowd pleaser and follows the theory of entertainment that if you are standing up and eating with your fingers, you've got to be having fun."

SC Oyster Festivals & Oyster Roasts

SC Oyster Companies

  • Bluffton Oyster Company
    Shucking May River oysters continuously for nearly a century, the Bluffton Oyster Company now operates on land purchased by the Open Land Trust and the Beaufort and Bluffton governments for preservation. This is the last remaining oyster company on the SC coast.

History of SC Oyster Industry

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SC Oyster Recycling & Oyster Bed Restoration

Gathering Oysters Old Crab Pots Make New Oyster Reefs Picking Oysters

Photos and Videos of SC Oysters

  • DNR shows oyster cycle - Planting shells, eating oysters, then recycling oyster shells
  • Oyster Man Mike - 7-minute video follows a day in the life Johns Island oyster harvester - make sure to watch all the way to the end for great lesson on the anatomy of an oyster
Oyster Company Store Shucking Oysters Oyster Roast
Bluffton Oysters Indian Shell Ring Oysters on the Shore

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