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South Carolina Books

South Carolina SC Gifts SC Books

Below is a collection of books by some of our favorite SC writers, authors, and poets. In essence, our guide serves as a virtual South Carolina bookstore, featuring many of the books we love best. In it, you can find everything from children's stories to non-fiction, with plenty of history, romance, and novels in between. South Carolina offers some of the finest literature in the South, so pour a hot cup of tea, sit back, and enjoy!

Books by SC Authors & Books about South Carolina

SC Books for Children and Young Adults

Books by Rhonda S. Edwards One Acorn's Journey: Books by Rhonda S. Edwards

Turbulent winds from an approaching tropical storm snatch an acorn from the safety of an oak tree and deposit it on the shore during the night. The acorn risks being washed away into the ocean or being eaten by a seagull before it's rescued by Hatokwassi, a Kiawah Indian. One Acorn's Journey narrates the story of the Angel Oak, the oldest living oak tree in the United States located in Charleston, SC.

Flash and Fancy Books Flash and Fancy An Otter Adventure on the Waccamaw River

The first of three books features the unlikely friendship that develops between two young river otters, Flash and Fancy. The story is told in the gorgeous setting on Sandy Island along the Waccamaw River of coastal South Carolina. Fancy is rescued from a carelessly discarded casting net by her soon to be friend, Flash. The series brings awareness to the importance of protecting the otters and the stunning coastal/forest wetland environment in which they dwell. The third Flash and Fancy book is a Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention Award winner in the Green Books/Environmental category.

Net Numbers Net Numbers: A South Carolina Number Book

Learn about everything from Frogmore Stew and Clemson Blue Cheese, to Four Holes Swamp and Catawba Pottery. Whether spotted salamanders, 1000-year-old trees or sandy beaches, there is plenty in South Carolina to discover by the numbers.

How I Became a Pirate How I Became a Pirate

When Braid Beard's pirate crew invites Jeremy Jacob to join their voyage, he jumps right on board. Buried treasure, sea chanteys, pirate talk – who wouldn't go along? Soon Jeremy Jacob knows all about being a pirate. He throws his food across the table and his manners to the wind. He hollers like thunder and laughs off bedtime. It's the heave-ho, blow-the-man-down, very best time of his life. Until he finds out what pirates don't do – no reading bedtime stories, no tucking kids in ... Maybe being a pirate isn't so great after all. Author Melinda Long lives in Greenville.

P is for Palmetto: A South Carolina Alphabet P Is For Palmetto: A South Carolina Alphabet

The spirit of South Carolina – it's people, places, and landmarks – have been beautifully captured in this book, with illustrations by renowned artist Mary Whyte. Whyte has earned national recognition as both artist and illustrator; she has a gallery in Charleston. Author and national education consultant Carol Crane brings together the history, geography, and wildlife of South Carolina with entertaining poems and fascinating facts.
Turtle Tracks Turtle Tracks

A sweet story for young children that describes the nesting habits of South Carolina's state reptile, the loggerhead turtle. The story is told from the perspective of a young girl on a beach vacation with her family.
Amelia Bedelia Amelia Bedelia

It's Amelia Bedelia's first day as the housekeeper for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, and she is given a list of chores to do while they are out. There's no question that Amelia Bedelia follows instructions very well – unfortunately, she is the kind of person that takes everything literally. Sure, she changes the bathroom towels, dusts the furniture, and draws the drapes, but it's not what Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have in mind. This is the first in a beloved children's series by Peggy Parish, from Manning.

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Books on South Carolina History

Mystical South Carolina: A Pilgrimage to Joy Mystical South Carolina: A Pilgrimage to Joy

An intuitively led, seven-year pilgrimage to twelve sacred sites in her home state of South Carolina took Teri Leigh Teed to places she had never visited. And opened her eyes to the remarkable and,miraculous: a pilgrimage to joy. Through sharing her story, and bringing awareness to the sacred geometry of our Mother Earth, Teed's intention is to help Mother Earth and all her inhabitants to heal. There is an important message at the end of this book that gives humanity an ancient key to open the door to healing through partnership with Mother Earth. The key is very simple and in plain sight. Learn the ancient healing secret of the Congaree Rings.

Conserve a Legacy Conserve a Legacy: Natural Lands & Waters in South Carolina

Featuring dozens of beautifully photographed landscapes, Conserve a Legacy showcases the splendor of the Palmetto State's natural areas and historical locations. This privately funded book was developed to highlight the South Carolina Conservation Bank (SCCB), which has achieved extraordinary results in less than a decade, including the permanent protection of 134,000 acres of critically important lands, natural resources, and historic sites within South Carolina.

South Carolina History South Carolina: A History

In the first comprehensive history of South Carolina published in nearly 50 years, Walter Edgar presents a sweeping chronicle of a state with an illustrious, sometimes infamous, past. He describes in very human terms 475 years of recorded history in the Palmetto State, including the experiences of all South Carolinians – those with roots in Africa and Europe as well as Native Americans; male and female; rich and poor.

SC Battles in the American Revolution South Carolina and The American Revolution: A Battlefield History

An estimated one-third of all battles in the American Revolution were fought in South Carolina – more than in any of the other original 13 states. Author John W. Gordon illustrates how these encounters, fought between 1775 and 1783, were critical to winning the struggle that secured America's independence from Great Britain.

South Carolina Encyclopedia The South Carolina Encyclopedia

An authoritative, entertaining compilation of essays on a broad array of topics ranging from war and politics to arts and recreation, from agriculture and industry to popular culture and ethnicity. Famous figures and infamous characters, historic events and tragic moments, celebrated creatures and provocative lore, staple crops and new industries, the encyclopedia catalogs all of this and much more.

Textile Town Textile Town

Over the course of nearly two centuries more than 100,000 people labored in the red brick cotton mills and modern textile factories in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. Textile Town is their story. One part historical narrative, one part scrapbook, one part encyclopedia, this illustrated volume presents the voices of scholars and blue-collar workers side by side in an exploration of this complex and compelling saga.

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Novels and Other Fiction by South Carolinians

Frozen Harvest Frozen Harvest

Mary Benton, traveling alone by train, arrived in the small town of Seven Lakes, Minnesota, on December 5, 1925. In the early evening of December 22, Mary left her room at The Seven Lakes Grand Hotel in the middle of a severe snowstorm, never to return. A mysterious letter arriving at the office of Minneapolis detective Joel Vick, nearly ninety years after her disappearance, suggested there may have been something else at play on that fateful night. Enjoy this mystery from author Joseph Benedict, who makes his home in Camden, SC.

Clover Clover

Clover is a 10-year old black girl from a small town in South Carolina, whose life changes forever when her father dies and she is forced to forge a new relationship with the white stepmother she hardly knows. A beautiful, trenchant story of family lost and found, Clover is a unique and heartfelt reading experience for all ages. Dori Sanders, who lives in York County, received the Lillian Smith Book Award for this novel.

Code of the Forest Code of the Forest

When Wade McNabb, publisher of the Georgetown Pilot, exposes high-level political corruption surrounding a chemical plant on the South Carolina coast, a powerful senator, steeped in the ancient code of the state's insider politics, threatens to bring down McNabb and his newspaper. Wade turns for help to Kate Stewart, a young lawyer who has left a large law firm for a fresh start on her own in Georgetown. These two fiercely independent souls form a wary alliance for the legal battle that follows. It's a fight that shows them the power of connections - good and bad - to change their lives forever.

I Am America (And So Can You!): Stephen Colbert I Am America (And So Can You!)

One of South Carolina's funniest natives brings his "truthiness" to the printed page. From Stephen Colbert, the host of television's highest-rated punditry show The Colbert Report, comes the book to fill the other 23.5 hours of your day. I Am America (And So Can You!) contains all of the opinions that Stephen doesn't have time to shoehorn into his nightly broadcast.

Ron Rash: One Foot in Eden One Foot in Eden: A Novel

Will Alexander is the sheriff in a small town in Southern Appalachia, and he knows that the local thug Holland Winchester has been murdered. The only thing is the sheriff can find neither the body nor someone to attest to the killing. One Foot in Eden was the winner of the 2002 Novello Literary Award, and also brought Rash a Pulitzer Prize nomination.

The Water is Wide: Pat Conroy The Water is Wide

For the handful of families on Yamacraw island, America is a world away. For years the people here lived proudly from the sea, but now its waters are not safe. Waste from industry threatens their very existence – unless, somehow, they can learn a new life. But they will learn nothing without someone to teach them, and their school has no teacher.

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South Carolina Photographs, Nature, and Outdoor Life

Backroads of South Carolina Backroads of South Carolina: Your Guide to South Carolina's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures

In Backroads of South Carolina, authors Paul M. Franklin and Nancy Mikula lead you on a journey that showcases all of the Palmetto State's charm. You'll follow quiet country byways that lead to timeless historic towns and scores of little-known attractions, like the world's smallest police station, the lovely cliff-top chapel of Pretty Place, and the magnificent sun-dappled cypress swamps of Francis Beidler Forest. Twenty-four driving tours are offered - complete with detailed route directions and maps.
Birds of the Carolinas Field Guide and Audio CD Set Birds of the Carolinas Field Guide and Audio CD Set

The two best tools for enjoying birds in the Carolinas in one great, field-friendly package! This leatherbound set includes 255 full-page color photographs, with full-page descriptions on the opposite page. Maps show what time of year the birds are here, and their range. The track number at the bottom of each page in the Field Guide directs you to the correct CD track to hear the bird's songs and calls.
The Carolinas Gardening Guide The Carolinas Gardener's Guide

Expand your gardening knowledge from season to season. The Carolinas Gardener's Guide provides information on plant characteristics, habits, and basic requirements for growth. Includes care and growing tips, full color photographs, and companion planting and design suggestions for a beautiful Carolina garden.
Reflections of South Carolina Reflections of South Carolina

Truly a book that will captivate newcomers and renew the appreciation of longtime residents, this breathtaking photographic exploration showcases the fullness of the state's regional diversity, natural beauty, and human creativity. Two hundred color photographs record South Carolina's people and places, architecture and terrain, flora and fauna, past and progress.

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Literary Resources for Authors and Book Lovers in SC

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