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Business / Organization Ads:  ANNUAL FEATURED AD

Annual Featured Ads are expanded listings that appear at the top of a page and include your link, phone number, address, description, and a large image.

Please note that in keeping with Google's quality standards, your links will be coded "nofollow". This will allow your website to be included on SCIWAY while also keeping you safe in search engines.

Annual Featured Ads appear at the top of the page. When multiple Annual Featured Ads appear on the same page, the order of the postings will rotate each time a new visitor arrives to the page. Please know that your posting will always appear on the page – sometimes it will be first, sometimes it will be last, and sometimes it will be in the middle. This method is used to ensure equality among our advertisers.

Do you need a graphic? We’ll create it for FREE!

If you need us to create a graphic for you, we are happy to help. There is no charge, and we will work with you to make sure we understand any special wishes you have for its design. You will also have the right to approve your graphic before it goes live. Take a look below at the graphics we've already created!

How to Order?

Just fill out the quick, secure form below. If you already have a 730x207-pixel image to upload, turnaround time is 3 business days at most. If we have to create an image for you, turnaround time may be a bit longer. Please rest assured that your ad year will not begin until your ad is live.

   Order your Annual Featured Ad
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(1) Charleston Attorneys, (2) Columbia Attorneys, (3) Greenville Attorneys, (4) South Carolina Attorneys

Note: Annual Features are available on 95% of our pages. They aren't available in our hotels section or on our main section indexes.

Please see our SC Business Directory and SC Organizations Directory for the categories.
Number of pages on which you'd like to feature a REAL ESTATE or ACCOMMODATIONS website:*

Number of pages on which you'd like to feature ANY OTHER TYPE OF SC BUSINESS OR ORGANIZATION:*

*Quantity discounts available for ads with identical graphic and descriptive text

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Would you like us to create your image for FREE? Yes No
If you would like us to design your image, please send any special instructions here. Examples: Include logo or tagline, use certain photographs, etc. You will have the chance to approve your image before it goes online.
Do you already have an image? If so, please make sure it adheres to the specifications below and then upload your .jpg, .gif, or .png image here:

Annual Featured Ads: Image Specifications

If you would like to send your own image, please read and adhere to the following specifications. We reserve the right to deny any artwork or to request changes. For more information, please contact Robin at service@sciway.net.

Ad Sizes:
Images must be submitted at 730x207 pixels. (Your image will be scaled to 600x170 pixels when displayed on desktop computers.)

Acceptable File Types:
.jpg, .gif, and .png

Banners for Annual Featured Ads cannot be animated.

File Size:
30K max

If the image you send is larger than this, we will have to optimize it. Larger banners will not load quickly, which could cause fewer people to see your ad, especially on mobile devices.

White backgrounds are not allowed.

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