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Standard Non-commercial Listings consist of a simple, chronological text link followed by a 25-word description of your event. We will add one of these simple listings for most non-commercial events in South Carolina, free of charge.

If you'd like to feature your non-profit event more prominently, please see our guide to promoting your South Carolina event. This is how a standard non-commercial listing looks. (Don't worry – it's much bigger in real life.)


Your listing will appear under each day of your event. In other words, if your event lasts a single day, it will appear under that one date. If your event lasts three days, it will appear under all three dates.

Your listing will include:
  • A link to your event's website, webpage, or public social media event page
  • An additional 25-word description detailing what your event offers
  • The city where your event is located
  • The nearest metro area, if applicable
  • Category of event – Arts, Concert, Culinary, Expo, Festival, Gala, Historical, Holiday, Sports, or Miscellaneous


Non-commercial Event Listings can remain on SCIWAY indefinitely. It is your responsibility to alert us if your click-through address changes or if you need your event's description updated.

We ask that you add next year's date(s) immediately after the close of this year's event. If you don't do this, your event will be marked TBD, and it will move to the bottom of our calendar.

Submit Your Event for Consideration

Just fill out the quick form below. Turnaround time will be 3 business days at most. We are unable to provide email confirmations for free listings, so please review SCIWAY's calendar in a few days for your addition. If your event has not been added, that means it did not meet our criteria below.

All organizations' nonprofit status will be confirmed via the South Carolina Secretary of State's charity database found here. Any organization not registered, suspended or expired, will not be added.

NOTE: All event information, including event name, date(s), and location, will be pulled directly from the URL submitted on the form below. If all information is not on the URL submitted, the event will not be added.

   Submit your Non-commercial Event Listing for Review – Free
Your first name
Your last name
Your email address
Event's website address (URL)
Non-profit organization(s) event benefits

Terms and conditions:

1. You must submit a separate form for each event. We will not add any events if you submit a URL for a full calendar, list of multiple events, or a generalized home page.

2. You must have a dedicated webpage, website, or public FaceBook event page for your event. This page must include all details including times, complete street address of event location including city/town, etc. At this time, we do not link to PDF pages or events that are have been developed specifically as online only.

3. Please keep in mind this is a statewide calendar so we cannot provide listings for highly localized events, ongoing events, exhibits, or recurring activities such as classes, meetings, monthly or social gatherings, concert series, open houses, sports team games, or camps. We also don't list lectures, speaking events, presentations, information sessions, contests, auditions, or political rallies.

4. Please note that we have a separate guide for summer camps. If you would like to advertise your summer camp on SCIWAY, please click here for details.

5. We do not provide free listings for commercial events or events which highlight or promote businesses or for-profit activities, including book signings. If you'd like to advertise, please click here.

6. Due to space constraints, we cannot add more than two free listings per organization per month.

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