Standard Listings for SC Commercial Events

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Standard Commercial Listings consist of a simple, chronological text link followed by a 20-word description of your event. They are available for special events that earn income or promote a business. Expos, product shows, and company open houses, for example, fall within this category. This is how they look. (Don't worry – they are much bigger in real life!)

*Please note that we have a separate guide for summer camps. If you would like to advertise your summer camp on SCIWAY, please click here for details.

In keeping with Google's quality standards, your link will be coded "nofollow". This will allow your website to be included on SCIWAY while also keeping you safe in search engines.


Your Standard Commercial Listing will include the dates of your event. If your event lasts a single day, it will appear under that one date. If your event lasts three days, the event's date-range will be listed. An example would be May 1-3.

Your listing will include the following:

  • A link to your event's website, webpage, or social media event page
  • An additional 20-word description detailing what your event offers
  • The city where your event is located
  • The nearest metro area, if applicable
  • Category of event – Arts, Concert, Conference, Convention, Culinary, Educational, Expo, Fair, Fashion, Festival, Gala, Historical, Holiday, Sports, Workshop, or Miscellaneous

Rates & Duration

Standard Commercial Listings on SCIWAY's South Carolina Calendar cost $75 and can remain on the calendar for up to 365 days, if it is an annual event.

If it is an annual event and you have time remaining in your ad period, you may send us the date(s) for next year's event and we will update your listing. If you do not send us the new dates, your event will remain on SCIWAY but will have "DATES TBD" posted until we receive notification from you regarding the new date(s).

It is your responsibility to inform us if your event is annual.

Standard Commercial Listings are purchased on an individual basis and cannot be edited to promote a different event after the first event has concluded.

If it is a one-time event, your listing will expire at the end of the month during which your event takes place.

How to Order?

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