South Carolina Grits, Grist Mills, and Grits Recipes

South Carolina SC Gifts SC Grits As South Carolina's state food, grits are considered a staple, a comfort food, and a symbol of our unique culinary traditions. The color of grits depends on the color of corn used – yellow or white. Often mistakenly called a "grits mill," the correct term for any mill that grinds grain, including corn, is a "grist mill."

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According to The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills, "grist mill" is a term used to describe a mill that grinds any type of grain, including corn. In South Carolina, these mills were often strategically placed along a creek or river, allowing them to be waterpowered. The following are all grist mills that operate, or used to operate, in our state.

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Grits Recipes from South Carolina

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