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SCIWAY News No. 53 – March 2008

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In This Issue

  1. Cruisin' the Capital: A Day in Columbia
  2. Now Playing at the State Museum: "Hollywood Comes to SC"
  3. March's Top Ten – Notable SC Websites
  4. Life is Good for SC's in SC
  5. SC Picture of the Month
  6. Saying "I Do" in the Palmetto State
  7. Upcoming SC Festivals & Events
  8. Iodine to the Rescue (Sandlappers Redeemed)

1. Cruisin' the Capital: A Day in Columbia

Columbia, our capital city, is a metropolitan area in full growth. Traversed by three rivers and located near the geographical center of our state, it has also been an important crossroads in South Carolina's history. Our February road trip took us on a tour of the State Museum, a walk along the Congaree River, and a drive "through" Tunnelvision. We even made a quick stop by the local haunt, Jaco's.

Our day started with a visit to the State Museum on Gervais Street in Columbia's hip Vista neighborhood. Where old warehouses once stood denizen, there now thrives a district of dining, shopping, living, and working spaces. The museum, housed in a former textile mill, anchors this area with its educational mix of science, history, and fun. While our first stop was the Hollywood Comes to SC exhibit, we quickly found ourselves drawn to other exhibits, ranging from life-sized replicas of dinosaurs to a full-scale model of the Best Friend of Charleston, America's first passenger train.

Forrest Gump Suit Tunnelvision Main Street Columbia

After a satisfying lunch at the Blue Cactus Cafe, a stroll on the Three Rivers Greenway seemed a good choice. Located just south of downtown and alongside the Congaree River, the Greenway consists of riverside trails, overlooks, and picnic areas. It provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on Columbia's history. One of the many interpretive signs pointed out the wreckage of the SS Columbia, a river boat which once plied the waterways from Columbia to Georgetown.

South Carolina's first planned city with wide grid streets, Columbia was designated our state capital in 1786. Its prime location along major rivers proved advantageous for trade and commerce. Almost completely destroyed by Sherman's March in 1865, Columbia rebounded as an industrial hub at the turn of the century. With hydroelectric power from the rivers, textile mills became an important part of the city's fabric.

Today, economic growth, a dynamic outlook, and a low cost of living combine to make Columbia a city with a high quality of life. One day was hardly enough to take it all in. However, we did take away the feeling that Columbia was a city on the move. It would not be hard to convince us to go back!

Read more about our Columbia road trip and see photos here.

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2. Now Playing at the State Museum: "Hollywood Comes to SC"

South Carolina has attracted more than a few filmmakers with its stunning scenery, southern charm, and skilled workforce. From well-known favorites such as Forrest Gump to smaller films and documentaries, our state has contributed its fair share to the magic of Hollywood.

About a year ago, we published our Guide to Movies Filmed in SC, which packs filming locations and trivia into an easy-to-use format. Naturally, we were excited when we found out a new exhibit, Hollywood Comes to SC, was opening at the State Museum in Columbia. We made it our first stop on our February road trip to the capital.

Winding through the exhibit, we learned about various movie productions and saw an impressive number of props, ranging from Forrest Gump's suit to the gallows used in The Patriot. Several monitors throughout play clips of the many movies filmed here. After such a great backstage tour, we left with a better idea of what goes into making movies, and it gave us a fresh look at many familiar SC places and landscapes. Be sure to stop by this exhibit before it ends in October 2008.

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3. March's Top Ten – Notable SC Websites

Camp Croft - Spartanburg - WWII Army Infantry Replacement Center, 1941-1946
Croft State Natural Area Park

Country Farm Museum - Green Sea, Horry County - 10,000 sq ft agricultural exhibit complete with thousands of farm antiques - site no longer available

Discover Cheraw - guide highlighting life in Cheraw

Glendale Outdoor Leadership School - Spartanburg - outdoor recreation opportunities for all ages

H2 - South Carolina Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Alliance - works to grow local economies and enable energy security through the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Healthy Smiles Spartanburg - collaborates with practitioners and educators to increase the number of children in Spartanburg who receive dental care

Heroes on Horseback - Bluffton - equine therapy for those with physical, cognitive, or emotional disabilities

History of Fort Fremont - St. Helena Island, Beaufort County - constructed in 1899

MySCHospital.org - reports on the quality of care provided by SC hospitals

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4. Life is Good for SC's in SC

No this isn't some sort of secret code – SC's (as in senior citizens) have plenty of reasons to enjoy life in SC. To highlight some of the special opportunities and programs for senior citizens, SCIway has developed a Senior Citizen Resource Guide.

The guide is organized by location and features links to senior activities, social centers, business groups, and helpful non-profit organizations. It also connects to the GetCareSC, a helpful directory of finding aging and disability resources.

Return to school and skip straight to the "senior" year! A little known state law provides tuition exemption for residents 60 and older to take classes at state colleges. Visit SCIWAY's guide to Senior Citizen Education to explore these opportunities.

Many organizations work to keep South Carolinians mobile. If you or someone you know needs help getting around your part of SC, there are many public and private SC senior transportation services available.

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5. SC Picture of the Month

We return to Columbia with this photo of the State Capitol dome set against a clear night sky.

State Capitol at Night
—  State Capitol at Night  —

Taking more than 50 years to complete, our third State House was finished in 1907. The first State House was located in Charleston, which served as South Carolina's capital before 1786. The second State House – the first in Columbia – was burned by Sherman in 1865. We thank Steven Faucette of Williamston for sharing his photo with us.

Contribute your shot to the SC Picture Project or see our most recent photo submissions.

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6. Saying "I Do" in the Palmetto State

It's a lucky couple who gets to celebrate a wedding in South Carolina. But as great as Palmetto State weddings can be, they still take an exorbitant amount of planning and work. Picking a location, photographer, and florist is hard enough. Add to this managing a guest list, choosing a menu, and making sure out-of-town guests get a good dose of southern hospitality – who couldn't use a little help?

While we can't teach your ringbearer to walk down the aisle or find a dress all your bridesmaids will like, we can offer you our new Guide to SC Weddings. Peruse portfolios of SC wedding photographers, learn how to get a marriage license in SC, find accommodations for guests, and get ideas for less traditional beach and plantation weddings. All these things and more will bring you one step closer to "I Do."

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7. Upcoming SC Festivals & Events

For a complete calendar of South Carolina festivals and events, visit https://www.sciway.net/calendar.html. Here are just a few of March and early April's highlights:

Beaufort Film Festival - Mar 6-9

Canadian-American Days - concerts, boat tours, and the National Shag Dance Championships - Mar 8-16

Charleston Art and Antiques Forum - Mar 12-16 - site no longer exists

St. Pat's in Five Points - Columbia - live music, parade, 5k run/1 mile walk, strongman competition - March 15

Aiken Spring Steeplechase - Aiken Triple Crown - Imperial Cup - horse racing - Mar 21-22

RenoFest Bluegrass Festival - Hartsville - Mar 21-23 - event no longer held

Governor's Frog Jump - Springfield, Orangeburg County - Mar 22

Charleston Fashion Week - Mar 25-29

South Carolina Native Plant Symposium - Clemson - speakers and field trips - Mar 28-30 - page no longer exists

Carolina Cup - Camden - steeplechase horse racing - Mar 29

Flowertown Festival - Summerville - arts and crafts - April 4-6 - page no longer exists

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8. Iodine to the Rescue (Sandlappers Redeemed)

Last month we looked at the origin of the nickname "Sandlapper" and discovered the somewhat distressing fact that South Carolinians were once well known for our propensity to eat dirt – or more poetically, "lap sand." This month we figured you might be in the market for something a little more redeeming. With that in mind, we'll now share with you the origin of another unique South Carolina nickname – the Iodine State.

Apparently South Carolina's soil is both "delicious and nutritious." In the late 1920s, the SC Natural Resources Commission began a campaign to draw attention to the high levels of iodine in our state's soil and produce. The campaign warned people from the West and Midwest (where iodine was not as prevalent) about the dangers of iodine deficiency – "including sterility, dwarfism, and idiocy." The commission hoped to increase the market for our fruits and vegetables around the country. To help the campaign along, South Carolina even printed "The Iodine State" on our license plates!

Now, today you and I might take iodine for granted, but back then it was serious business. In its extreme form, a lack of this essential element causes cretinism – severely stunted physical and mental growth. In its lesser form, iodine deficiency manifests itself in a disease called goiter. Goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland which causes a large bump on the front or side of the neck. During World War I, this swelling disqualified more men from service than anything else, and in Michigan alone 30% of draftees were afflicted by it.

The relationship between iodine and goiter was discovered in Switzerland in 1821, but for various reasons it wasn't acted upon here in America until 1924, when finally a major public health movement prompted the salt industry to begin adding iodine to table salt. This simple step helped eliminate goiters in America, but it also took away the impetus for South Carolina's iodine campaign. We do have one lasting reminder of iodine's importance in our state however. The call letters for WIS-TV in Columbia (which began as WIS Radio in 1930) stand for "Wonderful Iodine State."

More about Iodine
  • Iodine in South Carolina - SC Encyclopedia's detailed account of the Natural Resources Commission's "Iodine State" campaign - includes license plate pictures - a must read!

  • Iodine Overview: A Human Tragedy and Socio-Economic Stagnation - Emory University article explains why "iodine deficiency disorders are the leading cause worldwide of intellectual impairment" today - site no longer exists

  • Iodine Literary Conference - weekend event for writers and publishers sponsored by the Arts Council of Beaufort County - last conference held in 2007 - site no longer exists

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