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SC Governors – John Gardiner Richards, 1927-1931

South Carolina SC History SC Governors Governor John Gardiner Richards

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Biographical Overview

  • Born: September 11, 1864 in Liberty Hill (Kershaw County)
  • Died: October 9, 1941
  • Buried: Liberty Hill, South Carolina
  • Religion: Presbyterian
  • Political Party: Democrat
Portrait of John Gardiner Richards
John Gardiner Richards
Courtesy of Men of Mark in South Carolina


  • Bingham Military Institute, North Carolina


  • Lieutenant Colonel, South Carolina Militia
  • Farmer

Major Events and Accomplishments, 1927-1931

  • 1926 – Governor Richards was the first governor to be elected under the amendment to the state constitution that set the length of the gubernatorial term to four years

  • 1927-1931 – Enforcement of the state's blue laws was one of Governor Richards' primary concerns

  • April 19, 1927 – An attempt to ban the teaching of evolution in public schools was defeated in the South Carolina House of Representatives

  • November 6, 1928 – Mary Gordon Ellis of Jasper County, the first woman to win a seat in the General Assembly, was elected to the South Carolina Senate

  • 1929 – A special committee appointed by the General Assembly to investigate unrest and strikes in the state's textile industry concluded that textile workers had been mistreated by management

  • May 14, 1929 – Fort Motte native Julia Peterkin won the Pulitzer Prize for Scarlet Sister Mary

  • October 24, 1929 – The US stock market crashed

  • Already suffering under an agricultural depression, South Carolina's agricultural industry was hid harder by the Great Depression than any other sector of the state economy

  • May 9, 1930 – WCSC in Charleston, the state's first radio station, went on the air

Other Government Positions

  • South Carolina House of Representatives, 1898-1910
  • South Carolina Railroad Commissioner, 1910-1918, 1922-1926

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Election Results

Democratic Primary – 1926
John Gardiner Richards 44,806 votes 25.8%
Ibra Charles Blackwood 34,870 votes 20.1%
Edmund B. Jackson 33,804 votes 19.5%
Carroll D. Nance 16,970 votes 9.8%
George K. Laney 13,386 votes 7.7%
Thomas H. Peeples 10,636 votes 6.1%
D.A.G. Ouzts 10,570 votes 6.1%

Democratic Runoff – 1926
John Gardiner Richards 95,007 votes 58.2%
Ibra Charles Blackwood 68,224 votes 41.8%

General Election – November 4, 1926
Richards was elected without opposition, receiving 16,589 votes.


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