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Feedback from SCIWAY Visitors:

I LOVE this site. Thank you. It's the best thing from South Carolina ever.
— Blanche, Professor Emerita, USC Aiken

I'm so proud of SCIWAY and am always pleased to hear folks say they are visiting it regularly.
— Joan Beth, Dillon County

I am encouraging everyone I know to take a look at your wonderful site. I am still exploring all it has to offer. Thanks so much for this service.
— Barbara, SC Picture Project Contributor

I really appreciate your adding us to your links on SCIWAY. Your website is THE website for SC and we didn't want to miss an opportunity to be a part of it!
— Donna, Limestone College, Upstate Area Coordinator

I am truly appreciative of the obvious dedication you exhibit; evidenced not only in your communications with me but in the truly professional appearance and usability of SCIWAY! This is just another reason to make me even prouder, if that were possible, to be a South Carolinian.
— John, Bishopville

Keep up the good work. SCIWAY certainly makes our lives a lot easier.
— Partha, SCIWAY Visitor

Thank you so much for publishing the SCIWAY website. There are many other sites available but none match the education and enjoyment I get from SCIWAY. Please keep up the great job.
— Sydney, SCIWAY Visitor

Your SCIWAY is just wonderful!
— Ellen, South Carolina Artist

Keep up the good work SCIWAY ... I use you religiously.
— Catherine, Founder, Collaborative for Community Trust

SCIWAY is a great South Carolina resource!
— Shaun, SCIWAY Visitor

I just wanted to let you know that I moved here in October and your website has been very helpful with all sorts of things. I visit it often! Thanks for doing such a good job and providing valuable information!
— Jada, Marketing Manager for Girl Scouts of Eastern SC

I was on your website hunting for jobs in South Carolina for a friend of mine, and your website is the best source for employment I have ever seen. Congratulations to your website designers.
— Sandra, SCIWAY Visitor

I must tell you that you have a beautiful setup, and this old man enjoys checking out the "sites." Great job.
— Alton, SCIWAY Visitor

I love SCIWAY, it is one of my favorite sites. I visit it often for maps of SC, jobs, and trip information.
— April, SCIWAY Visitor

Thank you for providing the SC Soundtrack. I am going to download the music now so that I can share this collection with the teachers and students on Monday.
— Diane, South Carolina Teacher

My letter is to commend your website for its usefulness. I was able to plan an out of town party with the click of my mouse because you list businesses by city. I was connected to professional businesses who are dedicated to delivering the utmost in total customer satisfaction.
— Sherri, SCIWAY Visitor

Your site continues to grow and amaze me. Thanks for all your hard, good work!
— Marilyn, SCIWAY Visitor

We think you have the best site EVER! Fantastic job making it navigable and user-friendly. Kudos.
— Amelia, SCIWAY Visitor

SCIWAY is very easy to use and has so much information. I'm planning on moving back to SC in a few years, and I know exactly where to go for the info I'll be needing. I really didn't believe that there were any websites that were this easy to use. Your website is terrific and others should look to you for guidance.
— Marla, SCIWAY Visitor

Your webpage is invaluable and I often give it to people who are visiting the area or have just moved here and want to learn more about sightseeing in South Carolina. Thanks for all the good info.
— Debbie, SCIWAY Visitor

I like the way you can easily work through the site. It is very clean and appealing.
— Lyn, SCIWAY Visitor

I have loved SCIWAY over the years and it has been a great resource for my son's school projects. It has also helped in my SC historic preservation research. The Palmetto State has a great resource because of you!
— June, SCIWAY Visitor

SCIWAY is an immensely useful resource and we use it for research almost daily!
— Dick, South Carolina Author

You have developed a wonderful and informative site. I add links to all websites that I develop.
— Ted, Charleston Web Designer

What a great site! Just wanted to thank you folks out on James Island for rendering a wonderful service to our great state. As both an Upstate businessman and a Midlands nonprofit organizational head, I find it indispensable. Bless you and prosper!
— Mike, International Association of Business Communicators

Thanks again for your wonderful, chock-full-of-information site!
— Lynne, Hilton Head Island Event Coordinator

SCIWAY is FABULOUS! I often must do a good deal of PR work and you guys make it so easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
— Terence, South Carolina Indian Affairs Commission

SCIWAY just keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work.
— Marty, SCIWAY Visitor

South Carolina has come a long way in the last five years, and SCIWAY has been a major influence in leading the way for both reference resources and city/county web-development inspiration. Thanks very much to you and all the SCIWAY staff.
— Tony, Sumter County Information Technology Department

I would like to thank you for the wealth of information that you provide on your website. I find your website to be extremely helpful in researching information on South Carolina businesses and organizations.
— Steven, South Carolina Merchants Association

I am very appreciative for [SCIWAY's] service.
— Brian, Candidate for SC State Senator, District 42

Just very impressed with the site, it is exactly what we are looking for. Very easy to use, customer friendly. We will be back!
— SCIWAY Visitors

Love your website!
— Sam, Easley Boy Scout Troop Leader

I appreciate very much the prompt attention you have given us when sites I have worked on have gone online. Your listing is one of the very best for finding information in SC.
— Carol, SCIWAY Visitor

This is a great website! I refer to it weekly for information about SC.
— Elizabeth, SC Jaycees

Helpful website. We appreciate the non-biased nature of the information and the non-commercialization.
— Danton & Diane, SCIWAY Visitors

You have a nice site. I think it must have a very positive impact on the SC tourism business.
— J.L., SCIWAY Visitor

Wow and thanks! Your site is very informative and I do enjoy my visits there!
— Joe, Spartan Speakers #2653

Thank you so much. Your site is very informative and useful.
— Mandy, City of Spartanburg Public Relations & Information Director

Thank you for your website. I found it as I was trying to locate SC hotel information for Orangeburg, South Carolina for some upcoming business travel. It was very helpful and made making a decision much easier.
— Carol, SCIWAY Visitor

SCIWAY is such a credit to the state. I am privileged to be able to contribute to the SC Picture Project.
— Lamar, SCIWAY Contributor

Being in the hospitality industry myself, I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated all your efforts. You have single-handedly done more to promote quality customer service than many I have come in contact with of late. You have assured yourself a return customer! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Adrea, SCIWAY Visitor

I don't know if people let you know this BUT you and this website is TRULY appreciated!!!!!!!!
— Barbara, SCIWAY Visitor

I was looking at your site and it's great – lots of good facts & data.
— Roger, The Box Doctor

Check any state you wish, no where will you find such an incredible resource, well designed for users. And, you've been that way from the beginning. No fancy makeovers. Just comprehensive links derived by ESP, giving us just what we need.
— Tom, Columbia

I hope everything is going well for SCIWAY. I use your site quite often, especially when someone is looking for county/city info. It's great!
— Barbara, SC Chamber of Commerce

So cool to see you on Twitter. I've been a regular to SCIWAY – fantastic site!
— Robert, SCIWAY Twitter Follower

You have some great information on green initiatives in South Carolina. I run and you all are a big help.
— Rich,

Feedback from SCIWAY News Subscribers

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We got over 100 hits a day for five days after the newsletter appeared which is excellent for a site like ours. The responses we received have led to outstanding resources for us which we will follow-up on in the near future.'s slogan, "South Carolina's Front Door" is certainly true. You opened a lot of doors for us with your article.
— John, South Carolina Movie Theatres

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy SCIWAY News. You provide an outstanding service and I'm very appreciative. Thanks for the effort you put into this communication piece. We keep up with South Carolina news via newspapers as well, but the type of information you provide is unique, so keep up the great work!
— Diane, SCIWAY News Reader

You do a wonderful job! There are so many interesting facts and lots of things to do in your newsletter. I am learning about many places I have yet to visit. As a three-year resident of SC I appreciate the SCIWAY News!
— SCIWAY News Reader

Thanks for the SC calendar of events and especially for the excellent stories and backgrounds on the many "treasures" we possess on this Palmetto soil.
— Jim, WIS News Columbia

I just want you to know that I very much like SCIWAY News. It is great entertainment and the unusual history lessons about SC are marvelous. I also appreciate the information on SC upcoming events. Thanks so much for a great news letter about our state.
— Phyllis, SCIWAY News Reader

Thanks again for another great issue of the SCIWAY newsletter. It is always interesting and informative. Thanks especially for the section on South Carolina Books and Writers.
— Mark & John, SCIWAY News Readers

Love your newsletter! I am in Canada now, and your newsletter helps keep me in touch with "home."
— Dianne, SCIWAY News Reader

Thank you for the past 50 issues and looking forward to at least 50 more.
— Nancy, SCIWAY News Reader

I love your online SC issues and look forward to reading them.
— Natasha, SCIWAY News Reader

In the midst of all the chaos in my life, the newsletter somehow manages to bring a smile to my face each month.
— Wendy, SCIWAY News Reader

Just wanted to say thank so much for your great work. I love the newsletter and loved the story this month on the State Waltz and the Richardsons! Excellent coverage!
— Jim, SCIWAY News Reader

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the article on grits.
— Nancy, SCIWAY News Reader

Thank you so much for providing this wonderful resource,! I just received my October newsletter and it was full of great info.
— Susan, SCIWAY News Reader

LOVED the article on correct pronunciations of SC locations!
— SCIWAY News Reader

This is one of the best newsletters I have received from SCIWAY and I am sharing this edition with all of my friends far and near. The pictures are spectacular and bring back many wonderful memories. It was so nice to be lost in the moment of the articles and pictures. Thank you for a job well done!
— Lea, SCIWAY News Reader

I just want to say that I really enjoy the newsletter and information that you all present on your website. It is a great resource and enjoyable.
— Marc, CPM Federal Credit Union

Just wanted to let you guys know that I read (and listened to) SCIWAY News this morning and really enjoyed it. You are doing some really neat stuff and taking us places that most of us never knew existed. As a friend of mine said after reading the last newsletter, "SC is much more interesting than I thought!" I especially liked the film of the Jenkins Orphanage Band...this musical video is a real treasure. Thanks for sharing it with us.
— Anne, James Island

Hats off to you! This is one of the best newsletters I have received from SCIWAY. I am sharing this edition with all of my friends far and near. I love the article on SC Place Name Pronunciations Guide. It's amazing how names of towns are constituted. The pictures are spectacular and bring back many wonderful memories. It was so nice to be lost in the moment of the articles and pictures. Thank you for a job well done!
— Lee, Clemson

Being a native of SC, I am always excited to learn more about our wonderful state. The newsletter is great to forward on to out of state friends. Keep up the good work.
— Barb, Myrtle Beach

We are all enriched from the information you send. Thanks for providing this invaluable service, and keep up the good work!
— Brian, Alternatives NewsMagazine

I just wanted to thank you for the informative article on the Savannah River Site. Many South Carolinians don't know anything about the site. Your article was interesting and an honest apprasial of the situation because it did not gloss over the dangers to the environment or to the people that is part of the nuclear industrial complex.
— Cassandra, Lexington

As a native of Bells Cross Roads, I thoroughy enjoy your programming. Just keep up the good work, and I enjoy every minute of it.
— Mary, Arizona

You guys do such a great job. Thanks!
— Buster, Waccamaw

I'm just writing to say what a great article the Sandlapper article is! Well researched and entertaining, what more could you ask for?!?
— Sera, California

I love your newsletter and have been receiving it or accessing it for many, many years. The photos are always beautiful, and the information is always helpful and informative.
— Kathryn, Conway

I'm relatively new to your mailing list, and this is the first newsletter I've received. Fantastic!
— Christie, Smoke Free SC

I wanted to write and let you know that I started getting emails from you last year at when I began working on my high school reunion. Now a year later, I am getting your emails and preparing to relocate home to SC. I am very grateful for your service and the emails that have kept the Lowcountry in my heart and now in my future. :-)
— Linda, SCIWAY News Reader

Just wanted to say thank so much for your great work, I love the newsletter and loved the story this month on the state waltz and the Richardsons! Excellent coverage!
— Jim, San Antonio, TX (formerly McCormick SC)

Feedback from SCIWAY Friends & Partners:

I just wanted to thank you for the links to that you have provided on your Charleston school and alumni pages. My stats pages credit your site with 150 links just this August. That's not bad for a school alumni site for a school now gone almost 20 years. Due to people finding this site over the past 2 years, 3 classes have had reunions that otherwise would not have.
— Bill, Charleston, Computer Consultants Group

Thank you for featuring my website last week on SCIWAY. I received a lot of visitors those two days.
— Omelia, Chesnee Event Coordinator

Thank you very much for adding the Irmo History website to SCIWAY. I believe many people will really enjoy reading about Irmo's history and now they will be able to find it easily at SCIWAY using SCIWAY's valuable search and linking system.
— Scott, Irmo Web Designer

It's a pleasure working with you. I admire your site and the service you perform for residents of your state.
— Rick, Roll Call Votes

I have referred your site continuously to those who call or inquire about relocation and retirement. SCIWAY is a tremendous value for all of South Carolina. It amazes me every time I visit how much information is available. I constantly use SCIWAY for people trying to decide what area of the state may interest them. Your stats for the cities and towns are truly not found anywhere else in a concise compilation.
— Barbara, SC Chamber of Commerce

We have long enjoyed your web site here & encouraged our job seekers to use it. In fact we have a bookmark with e-addresses for job seekers that we distribute at our one-stop centers, local events, plant closings, etc., that includes your web site.
— Sandra, Upper Savannah Council of Governments

Thanks! We appreciate the publicity and are happy to link to a great SC resource!
— Allison, City of North Augusta Community Development Project Coordinator

My thanks to you and the staff at SCIWAY. This is the second time you have featured my listing and I'm honored. I found SCIWAY several years back and it's been in my "Favorites" ever since. Continued success in the future.
— Dale, Myrtle Beach Real Estate Broker

Thank you so much for making my site the Site of the Day. We're already getting hits from SCIWAY, and we appreciate all the great things you do.
— Don, Selkie Celtic Band

I know that I thanked you yesterday for making the Foundation "Site of the Day," but after reviewing our site traffic stats for yesterday, I want to thank you again! Your site helped us to reach several other people than we would have on our own.
— Danielle, Skipp Pearson Jazz Foundation

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