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  • Lake Ashwood
    Lake Ashwood was built in the 1930s as part of the agricultural development of the Ashwood community in Lee County. Today the 75-acre lake remains a popular fishing spot.

  • Lake Bowen
    Lake William C. Bowen in Inman is formed by one of the Spartanburg Water System's three reservoirs. Originally referred to as Municipal Reservoir Number Two, Lake Bowen was built in 1960 in response to a surge in population growth in the Spartanburg area during the 1950s with the establishment of the Milliken Research Center and Interstate 85.

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  • Lake Brown
    Lake Edgar Brown is a beautiful park located in Barnwell. It has two wooden fishing piers, a boat ramp, and walking trails.

  • Lake Busbee
    Lake Busbee in Conway is a man-made lake built as a cooling pond for the now-defunct Grainger Steam-Electric Generating Plant. Santee-Cooper, South Carolina's state power and water utility, owns the plant and determined that upgrading its emission controls to the current Environmental Protection Agency's Mercury and Air Toxins Standards would be too costly. Future plans for the lake are in discussion, but in the meantime, visitors can enjoy the 2.3-mile bike and walking trail along the 325-acre lake.

  • Lake Cunningham
    Affectionately known as "Greer Lake" by locals, this 376-acre lake is part of the Greer Water System and supplies drinking water to the city along with neighboring 840-acre Lake Robinson. Lake Cunningham is also a popular destination spot; a prevalence of large-mouth bass attract fishermen to the water's surface and the pier, and a park and covered picnic shelter are available for times when the fish are slow to bite. The lake was created by the damming of the South Tyger River. Boat restrictions limit watercraft to 10 horsepower, making the lake appealing to paddlers.

  • Lake Darpo
    This 25-acre lake in the Society Hill vicinity is a popular destination for lovers of the outdoors. Complete with an RV campsite, picnic shelters, pedal boats, and plenty of fishing spots, Lake Darpo is a family-friendly weekend destination or the perfect place to while away a Saturday afternoon.

  • Lake Greenwood
    Lake Greenwood is a beautiful place in the Upstate to go boating, fishing, and camping. Each fall, the Lake Greenwood State Park plays host to the South Carolina Half-Ironman Competition, a popular triathlon race. In 1933, during the Great Depression, the Civilian Conservation Corps built Buzzard's Roost Dam and a power plant on the Saluda River. This project was originally intended to create jobs and generate affordable electricity for residents. Greenwood County acquired more than 250 parcels of land in the lake basin, which is now Lake Greenwood.

    Lake Level | Lake Greenwood Area

  • Lake Hartwell
    Lake Hartwell is a man-made reservoir created by the Hartwell Dam on the Savannah River. At 56,000 acres, its 962 miles of shoreline cover portions of both South Carolina and Georgia. It was completed in 1962 as a project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and is one of the region's largest man-made lakes.

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    Old Tugaloo River Bridge

  • Lake Jocassee
    Serene Lake Jocassee (pronounced "joe-KASS-ee") was created from the Whitewater, Thompson, and Toxaway rivers by Duke Power Company in 1967. It is located in both Oconee County and Pickens County. Along with Lake Keowee, it provides electricity and recreation for much of the Upstate.

    Lake Level | Lake Jocassee Area

    Jumping Off Rock

  • Lake Juniper
    Known for its 18-hole championship golf course as well as its 360-acre Lake Juniper, Cheraw State Park has something to offer all lovers of the outdoors. Like many South Carolina state parks, it was developed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Though Lake Juniper is closed for swimming during the winter, other water activities are available, including boating and fishing with a license. Canoes and kayaks can be rented for the day at the park, and private gasoline-powered boats up to 10 horsepower are permitted. Those paddling across the two-and-a-half mile lake and back can expect to be on the water for three or four hours.

  • Lake Keowee
    Lake Hartwell is a man-made reservoir created by the Hartwell Dam on the Savannah River. At 56,000 acres, its 962 miles of shoreline cover portions of both South Carolina and Georgia. It was completed in 1962 as a project of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and is one of the region's largest man-made lakes.

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  • Lake Marion
    Lake Marion is the largest lake in South Carolina, covering over 110,000 acres and five counties. The lake is named for Revolutionary War hero General Francis Marion. Both Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie were created in the early 1940s as part of the Santee Cooper Project.

    Lake Level | Lake Marion Area | Maps of Lake Marion

    John C. Land, III Landing - Manning
    Potato Creek Hatchery - Manning
    Randolph's Landing - Manning
    Taw Caw Park - Summerton

  • Lake Monticello
    Lake Monticello, located in Fairfield County just 25 minutes north of Columbia, offers an easy getaway from the city.

  • Lake Moultrie
    Named for governor and Revolutionary War hero William Moultrie, this Berkeley County lake was created in the early 1940s by Santee-Cooper. It covers 60,400 acres of land and is 14 miles across at its widest point. The lake is famous for its fish, having produced several world records. Because Lake Moultrie doesn't ice over during the winter, it is a favorite year-round destination for fishers. You can access the lake through public boat ramps or by the Palmetto Trail, which winds around the lake's dike system.

    Lake Level | Lake Moultrie Area

  • Lake Murray
    Named in honor of chief engineer William S. Murray, Lake Murray was completed in 1930 and is owned by Dominion Energy (formerly SCE&G). It covers approximately 78 square miles of land and provides electricity for South Carolina's entire Midlands region.

    Lake Level | Lake Murray Area | Maps of Lake Murray

    Bomb Island

  • Lake Oolenoy
    Lake Oolenoy is one of two lakes located within Table Rock State Park in Pickens County. This beautiful lake spans 67 acres and delights visitors with mountains views, hiking trails, and great fishing.

  • Lake Paul Wallace
    Tucked away in the pines of Bennettsville lies Lake Paul Wallace, a 300-acre man-made lake used by locals for boating, swimming, fishing, and bird-watching. The lake is divided into three sections designated for different uses. The eastern side of the lake is reserved for swimming and boating and includes a mile-long water-skiing channel. Across the lake is an area stocked with fish that welcomes boats with motors of 10 horsepower or less. Finally, the reservoir not only provides Bennettsville with its drinking water, but it also is a waterfowl refuge. Anything from geese, herons, ducks, and eagles can be viewed here.

  • Lake Robinson
    The South Carolina Foothills make for a spectacular vista from Lake Robinson in Greer. The 840-acre lake is owned by the Greer Commission of Public Works and serves as a water source for adjacent Lake Cunningham, which supplies the city's drinking water.

  • Lake Russell
    Lake Russell in Calhoun Falls, South Carolina, formed as the result of the construction of the Russell Dam in 1983 by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Named for former governor and United States senator Richard Brevard Russell of Georgia - an advocate of the Savannah Rover dam system - the 30-mile lake is a popular spot for both camping and fishing.

    Lake Level, temperature | Lake Russell Area

  • Lake Secession
    Lake Secession is located primarily in Abbeville County, though part of it spills into Anderson County as well. The 1,450-acre reservoir is the result of the construction of the Rocky River Dam by the Work Projects Administration (WPA) in 1940. With just over 52 miles of shore, it is also a popular recreation and fishing spot. Largemouth bass, bream, and catfish can be found within the lake, and Lake Secession is regarded as one of the Upstate's best sources of black crappie.

  • Lake Warren
    Beautiful Lake Warren State Park is located in Hampton County, just outside of the city of Hampton. The park has much to offer, including a 200-acre lake that is a popular fishing spot and a large floodplain forest.

  • Lake Wateree
    Lake Wateree is a 13,250-acre lake reaching into Kershaw County, Fairfield County, and Lancaster County. Though the purpose of the lake is utilitarian, it still provides residents with recreational opportunities. A bird refuge exists with the 242 miles of shoreline, at least five marinas provide access for boating, and Lake Wateree State Park offers visitors pristine camping sites as well as prime fishing spots.

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  • Lake Thurmond
    J. Strom Thurmond Lake, also known as both Thurmond Lake and Strom Thurmond Lake, is a large reservoir located in both McCormick County and Abbeville County. It runs along the South Carolina and Georgia border and offers numerous recreational opportunities. Believe it or not, nearly 1,200 miles of shoreline surround Thurmond Lake - that is about the same distance from South Carolina to Maine. Included in the mileage are the lake's many islands and inlets, making for seemingly endless places to explore by boat.

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  • Lake Wylie
    Lake Wylie is a reservoir created in 1904 when the Catawba Power Company dammed part of the Catawba River to create its hydroelectric power plant. The Catawba Power Company now operates as Duke Power Company, and Lake Wylie is named for Dr. Walker Gill Wylie, Chester native and founder of the Catawba Power Company.

    Lake Level | Lake Wylie Area

  • Pinnacle Lake
    The calm waters of Pinnacle Lake draw the eye to the peaceful majesty of Table Rock Mountain in Pickens County. This area is part of Table Rock State Park, which spans 3,000 acres. This 36-acre lake is a popular place for fishing as well as canoes and kayaks. Visitors can even rent pedal boats and enjoy the scenic mountain beauty of Table Rock.

  • Prestwood Lake
    Prestwood Lake in Hartsville was created in 1896 when Black Creek was dammed for the Carolina Fiber Company - now Sonoco - paper mill. It is named for the Prestwood family who operated a ferry across the lake. A pier and boardwalk stretch into the water, and kayaks and canoes can be rented from Lawton Park, enabling visitors to enjoy fishing or paddling.

  • Swan Lake
    Swan Lake in Sumter is one of the country's finest botanical gardens and the only public park in the United States with all eight species of swan. The park also features a Braille Trail for the sight-impaired, a Butterfly Garden, and a Chocolate Garden, which is as savory as it sounds.

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