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Wofford Football – Cheers, Customs, and Tailgating Traditions

South Carolina South Carolina Football Wofford Football Traditions

Quick Facts

The Wofford Bulldogs

Fight Song

Hail Wofford

Hail Wofford, Old Gold and Black
With poise and dignity
Prepare for a valiant attack
To claim thy victory
Sound the call for the battle
Salute the flag on the pole
Defend our founding father's name
By fighting for that goal!
Hail Wofford, Old Gold and Black
We're proud to claim your name
With honor and pride we attack
Now go and win this game!

Gibbs Stadium

Cheers & Customs

  • Excellence On and Off the Gridiron: Wofford's outstanding academics and competitive athletics herald a strong SC tradition of excellence, according to Hunter from St. George. Hunter says that tailgating outside of Gibbs Stadium attracts so many people, they exceed Wofford's total living alumni population! "With parking areas overlooking the gridiron and tailgating lots considered a private, personal version of Mississippi's 'Grove,' you can't ask for a better tailgating atmosphere," Hunter says. With impressive wins over in-state SoCon peers and two nailbiting losses to Carolina in the past years, it's easy to understand Wofford's football pride.

  • The Upset Threat! – "Not only is Wofford the smartest team in the state," Wofford alumnus Mike J. Harrell explains, "but they have been known to upset a few larger football teams." Appalachian State can attest to this fact, and the South Carolina Gamecocks have come close to being overthrown more than once by the fiesty Wofford Terriers.

  • Iced Tea Bowl – The co-owners of the Spartanburg's famous Beacon Drive-In, Sam Maw (Wofford graduate) and Steve McManus (Citadel graduate), made a friendly bet before their teams' annual football matchup. They wagered that the person whose team lost the game would have to serve iced tea in a cheerleading uniform at the Beacon restaurant the following Monday. Maw had to wear the Citadel cheerleading uniform in 1998, and the Beacon Iced Tea Bowl was officially born. While neither of the friends ever wore a cheerleading uniform after that, the spirit of the rivalry lives on. Nowadays, every Citadel-Wofford football game that takes place in Spartanburg is called the "Iced Tea Bowl."


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