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SCIWAY News, No. 9 – February 1998

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This Issue's Sponsor

This issue of SCIWAY News is sponsored by Claiborne Young, the author of "Cruising Guide to Coastal South Carolina and Georgia". This 400+ page book (see http://www.amazon.com/Cruising-Guide-Coastal-Carolina-Georgia/dp/0895873435) is full of useful and interesting information about South Carolina's coastal waterways, local history, and onshore attractions. I own often used copies of the second and third editions, and I don't leave port without them. They've helped me find some beautiful places and wonderful times--and avoid 99.9 percent of the thousands of oyster banks and sand bars that hide in our state's salt water rivers, creeks, and sounds.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

Ask Sciway - A Way We Can Share What We Know

The number of e-mail messages SCIway receives each week is increasing steadily. Some of these messages report broken links or provide addresses for new South Carolina websites. Others are SCIWAY News subscriptions, address changes, or suggestions. But the largest number are QUESTIONS about South Carolina. Questions from K12 students and their parents, businesses, genealogists, people who are thinking about moving to South Carolina or planning to vacation here. Questions about almost every aspect of South Carolina imaginable.

We appreciate these questions, but as their number increases, it's becoming impossible for us to answer them all. So we thought we'd ask for a little help from our friends. What we'd like to do is set up an online bulletin board system called "Ask SCIway." This service would enable anyone in the world to ask a factual question about South Carolina ... and any interested South Carolinian could answer it.

Here, more specifically, is what we have in mind:

  • Ask SCIway would include separate bulletin boards for various South Carolina subjects (such as cities or counties, history, jobs, public services, relocation, travel-tourism, and sports). People interested in answering questions related to a particular subject would subscribe to that board's e-mail list and receive questions and answers posted to the board.
  • All questions and answers would be filtered by volunteer moderators (gatekeepers) who would make sure the messages were relevant and appropriate before posting them on the board and forwarding them to the board's e-mail list.
  • All questions and answers would be stored in a SCIway database that could be read and searched by anyone. In time this database could become a valuable collection of South Carolina folk knowledge.
I would like to know what you think of this idea. Is a service like Ask SCIway needed? If so, how should it be structured? What subjects should we focus on first? (This last question is the subject of this month's SCIway Poll--see below).

If a significant number of SCIWAY News readers are interested in this approach to sharing what we know about South Carolina, we will set up a trial bulletin board for a single subject and see how well it works. If it proves to be useful and manageable, we'll add other subjects as quickly as our resources permit.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

Second SCIway Poll

If you think Ask SCIway would be a useful service, please send me a message that lists the South Carolina subjects you're most interested in. Address your message to news@sciway.net and list up to three subjects.

Also, if you would be interested in serving as a volunteer moderator for one or more of the subject areas you list, I would appreciate your noting this in your message.

The results of this poll will be presented in the March issue of SCIWAY News.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

New and Notable South Carolina Web Sites

1997 Capital Investment [and New Jobs] Report - SC Dept of Commerce
http://www.state.sc.us/commerce/97cap.htm - page no longer exists
Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture
Boy Scout Troop 164 - Filbert (York County)
http://web.infoave.net/~fhouston/troop164.htm - page no longer exists
Charleston County
Drayton Hall - Charleston
Easley Life
http://www.upstatelife.com/easley - site no longer exists
Federal tax forms and publications
Francis Beidler Forest - Berkeley, Dorchester, Orangeburg Counties
Genealogy of the French Huguenots of the South Carolina Low Country
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Acres/3207/ - page no longer exists
Lowcountryhelp.org - Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester Counties
http://www.lowcountryhelp.org - site no longer exists
PARTNERS Economic Development Corporation - Myrtle Beach
http://www.horry.com (organization now called Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation)
South Carolina Botanical Garden - Clemson
South Carolina Correctional Facilities - statewide
South Carolina Dept of Archives and History - new URL, faster!
South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police
South Carolina tax forms and instructions
Union Daily Times
York County Convention and Visitors Bureau

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

SCIway Adds South Carolina Relocation, Real Estate Section

In response to an increasing number of questions from people who are considering moving or planning to move to South Carolina, we have added a new "Relocation, Real Estate" section (https://www.sciway.net/reloc/) to SCIway. This new resource is cross-linked with our 150+ city and county pages and includes individual city pages for residential real estate, commercial real estate, private and retirement communities, apartments and residential rentals, newspaper real estate classified ads, builders, and mortgage lenders. It also provides links to many other state and national resources related to relocating and real estate.

If you work in a relocation/real estate-related organization, I hope you will check the pages for your area carefully and let me know we can do to improve them (additions, deletions, corrections, organizational and classification changes, etc.). Please send your comments, suggestions, and questions to news@sciway.net.

We will be adding vacation rentals and property management pages to this section in March.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

Limestone College Library Catalog Now On Web

You can now access Limestone College's online library catalog with your Web browser (go to http://lib.limestone.edu/ and click on KATE). Limestone's main campus is located in the Upstate in Gaffney, but its unique associate and bachelor degree "Block Program" is offered at 18 locations throughout South Carolina.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

State Trails Program Web Site Worth The Hike

If you enjoy hiking and camping, horseback riding, bicycling, or just interesting walks, you may want to visit the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism's "State Trails Program" Web site (http://sctrails.net/trails/). This well organized, well maintained site has lots of information about our state's trails and trail-related activities and resources. Before I explored it, I had no idea that South Carolina had such a rich variety of trails or that they were so intertwined with our history.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

Upcoming Festivals, Shows, Events

For the latest information on upcoming South Carolina events, please see https://www.sciway.net/calendar.html.

SpringFest - Hilton Head Island, Mar 1-31
Governor's Rural Summit - Columbia, Mar 2-3
Reedy River Run (10K) - Greenville, Mar 7
Ross's Run (5K) - Columbia, Mar 7
Gospel Music Festival - Andrews, Mar 14
Festival of Houses and Gardens - Charleston, Mar 19 - Apr 18
Wine Fest - Hilton Head Island, Mar 20-21
Folly Festival of the Arts - Folly Beach, March 20-22
Festival of Families - North Charleston, March 21
Carolina Cup Races - Camden, March 28
Family Circle Cup Tennis - Hilton Head Island, Mar 28 - Apr 5

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

South Carolina Web Site Of The Month

Each month I visit or revisit hundreds of South Carolina websites. While many of these sites are excellent, I'll occasionally run across one that's exceptional. This month as I was working on SCIWAY's new "Relocation, Real Estate" section, I happened on such a site. It's a simple site, but its home page made me smile. In fact I still smile every time I go back!

This page (http://www.simpson-williams.com - site no longer exists) promotes the virtues of both the town of Lancaster and Simpson and Williams Realtors, a local company. I can't describe the page for you--it's something you've just got to see for yourself. But I can promise that it will be worth the drive.

Lancaster is located in north central South Carolina, a few miles below the North Carolina border. I haven't made it there yet, but one day I will. and when I do, I'm definitely going to visit the ladies at Simpson and Williams. They are clearly the sort of public spirited people who make South Carolina's smaller towns and cities the special places they are.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

SCIway Poll Reminder

If you plan to participate in this month's SCIway Poll, please respond now while you're thinking about it. Just send a list of the South Carolina subjects you're most interested in to news@sciway.net.

Top of SCIWAY News No. 9

Copyright © 1998 SCIway, LLC. SCIWAY News is written by Rod Welch of James Island, South Carolina–with a lot of help from people throughout South Carolina. Circulation: 16,000+

You are welcome to distribute complete, unaltered copies of this issue to anyone in any format ... or to include parts of it in printed publications. But please indicate the source (SCIWAY News, February 26, 1998) and include our Web address (https://www.sciway.net/). Thanks!

To subscribe to SCIWAY News, send a one-word message that says "subscribe" to news@sciway.net. To unsubscribe, send an "unsubscribe" message to this same address. If your e-mail address changes, please let us know quickly.

News, new Web site addresses, comments, and questions should also be sent to news@sciway.net.

SCIway, pronounced "sky-way," is an acronym for South Carolina Information Highway.


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