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SCIWAY News No. 47 – September 2007

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In This Issue

  1. SC DNR – Fishing for the Future
  2. The Votes are In! SC Place Names Pronunciation Guide
  3. Notable SC Websites
  4. The Bus Stops Here – SC Public Transportation
  5. SC Photo of the Month
  6. Surf's Up SC!
  7. Upcoming SC Festivals & Events
  8. Palmetto Pickin' – SC Bluegrass Directory

1. SC DNR – Fishing for the Future

South Carolina has long been blessed by the bounties of the sea, but how much longer will this last? How will our fishing industry survive in a time of global competition, increasing pollution, and rising fuel prices? Are there new species of sea creatures that could be fished or caught along our coast?

In the search for answers to these questions, the SC Department of Natural Resources has developed a Cooperative Research Program that enlists the help of local fishermen. Their answers might very well be the key to saving a livelihood that so many of us consider a state treasure.

Using small grants, SC fishermen have been involved in a variety of projects – ranging from monitoring blue crab populations in the ACE Basin, to establishing new oyster beds using old crab pots, to testing the viability of fishing octopus along our coast.

If you found yourself reading the last line twice, that was no mistake. While the thought of many-tentacled sea creatures mere miles from our shore may cause panic in the hearts of children and adults alike, fear not, for the octopus may become our state's next commercially fished marine species.

Wondering how one fishes for octopus? Check out a few photos of a DNR experimental octopus fishing trip off Fripp Island in Beaufort County.

The Cooperative Research Program run by DNR is a unique project that, with the help of South Carolina fishermen, is monitoring the health of existing fisheries and investigating the possibility of new ones.

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2. The Votes are In! SC Place Names Pronunciation Guide

Following our August newsletter, dozens of emails came pouring in about SC place name pronunciations. It seems South Carolinians really have a lot to say about pronunciations in our state!

The emails led to many great additions to our guide, like Keowee and Cheohee (pronounced nothing alike despite similar spellings). Some people commented that newscasters might benefit from the guide. One conscientious newscaster from WIS-TV in Columbia was a step ahead. He sent in several additions, including Chappells.

Hundreds of readers weighed in on the Cheraw and Clemson pronunciation debate. "CLEM-sun" received 660 votes, a majority over "CLEMP-sun" with 428 votes and "CLEM-zun," which only received 67 votes ... a total of 1,155 votes! And two-thirds of voters reported they say "SHUH – raw" instead of "CHUH – raw," by a margin of 643 to 288 – a large margin considering the town resolution declaring "CHUH-raw" the official pronunciation. Thanks to all of those who voted and contributed their "voice" to our guide!

We must admit we received a couple of (ahem) corrections, including Tullifinny. And one hilarious email even asked for our help in settling a dispute! Here's what we found out about Neyles.

So, with much-appreciated help from our readers, we present the improved SC Place Name Pronunciations Guide.

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3. Notable SC Websites

Barnwell County Government | Barnwell County Economic Development

Cape Romain Bird Observatory - McClellanville

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association - promotes local and organic agriculture

Center for Heirs Property - educational and legal services for owners of heirs property in the Lowcountry

Diligent Hands Gracious Hearts - free lawn maintenance for Greenville's elderly - site no longer available

Go Green Charleston - learn how to lessen your impact on the environment

International Center of the Upstate - Greenville - promotes cross-cultural understanding

South Carolina Indicators Project - stats on SC's performance in 8 key areas - site no longer available

South Carolina's Response to September 11, 2001 - site no longer available

Upstate Brewtopians - beer brewing club

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4. The Bus Stops Here – SC Public Transportation

An extra few minutes to sip your coffee, a chance to avoid rush hour traffic, and a reprieve from high gas prices. All excellent reasons to opt for public transportation for your daily commute, and SC buses are there to help you out.

Of course, some of the buses in our state do double-duty this time of year. As hurricane season threatens, they are considered an important tool in the evacuation process. Many buses also provide much-needed transportation for those who can't drive, including the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

Our newly developed SC Buses and Public Transportation Guide will show you what buses run in your area and how you can take advantage of them ... you decide how to take advantage of the gas money you'll save!

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5. SC Photo of the Month

Summer may be winding down, but butterfly season is in full flight, painting our state with an array of color.

Our September SC Photo of the Month is a celebration of late summer and a colorful depiction of our state butterfly, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. Julie G. Rowe, a professional photographer from Charleston, contributed this beautiful shot.

Be sure to visit Julie G. Rowe Photography for more stunning nature shots and other SC favorites. Then stop by and see all recent additions to the South Carolina Picture Project.

—  Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly  —

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6. Surf's Up SC!

Most of us hold our breath this time of year, hoping tropical weather stays out to sea. But a select few quietly keep their fingers crossed that the storms creep close enough to toss up some waves. And when the waves start rolling in, the surfers start paddling out, off to take advantage of the larger and more challenging surf.

That is why, this month, we thought we'd delve into the pastime of these courageous and fun-loving South Carolinians. Our SC Surfing Guide is full of information for surfers (and potential surfers!) all along our coast. Find out where to get surfing lessons, what the surf forecast is, and even check out the waves from live webcams! So grab your "stick" – it's hurricane season and surf's up!

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7. Upcoming SC Festivals & Events

For a complete calendar of South Carolina festivals and events, visit https://www.sciway.net/calendar.html. Here are just a few of September's and early October's highlights:

Hilton Head Island FoodFest - Sep 10-16

South Carolina Humanities Festival - Sep 13-16 - Newberry

Yemassee Shrimp Festival - Sep 13-16 - Hampton County

Pawleys Island Festival of Music and Art - Sep 13-Oct 6 - Georgetown County

Charleston Scottish Games & Highland Gathering - Sep 14-16 - Mt Pleasant

Beach Sweep / River Sweep - Sep 15 - statewide

Art in the Park - Sep 15-16 - Greenville - site no longer exists

Firetrail Premiere - Sep 16 - Columbia - Civil War-era movie filmed in SC

Lexington FunFest - Sep 21-22 - site no longer exists

Golden Leaf Festival - Sep 22 - Mullins, Marion County

Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival - Sep 28-29 - Blue Ridge, Greenville County

Irmo Okra Strut - Sep 28-29 - Lexington County - site no longer available

MOJA Arts Festival - Oct 1-7 - Charleston

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8. Palmetto Pickin' – SC Bluegrass Directory

Weekend nights at local pickin' parlors, impromptu acoustic jams featuring banjos and fiddles, and echoes of that "high lonesome sound" are deeply embedded in the heart of South Carolina music. Bluegrass, a type of American roots music, is alive and well in the Palmetto state, attracting people of all ages with its lively yet soulful resonance.

If you've got a hankering to hear some good music, or maybe to play some yourself, visit our newly compiled guide to SC bluegrass festivals, bands, venues, organizations, and more. It's here to guide you – feet tappin' and stompin' – to the nearest jam.

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