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Sleeping with the Enemy: Overview

  • Director – Joseph Ruben
  • Cast – Julia Roberts, Patrick Bergin
  • Genre – Drama, Thriller
  • Plot – To escape from an abusive husband, Laura Burney stages her own death and begins a new life ... until her husband learns the truth and finds her.

Sleeping with the Enemy: SC Locations

  • Part of the sequence in which Laura (Julia Roberts) learns to swim was shot in the swimming pool swimming pool at Converse College in Spartanburg.

  • The scene in which Laura is on stage on a swing was shot at the Abbeville Opera House.

  • When Laura tries to run away to Iowa she passes a square while she's in a bus. This is actually court square, located in Abbeville.

  • Part of the bus ride also passes through Laurens County. The "Welcome to Iowa" sign was filmed on Highway 221 South, just outside of the town of Waterloo. (This info was contributed by J. Scott Tollison of Laurens. He wrote, "It was quite a sight seeing that sign near the Rolling 'S' Golf Course. It caused many drivers to do double takes and review their directions.")

  • Several scenes were filmed at Presbyterian College in Clinton (Laurens County), including one showing the husband walking across PC's front plaza. Actual PC students were captured in the background, playing frisbee and football. (This info was contributed by Teresa Inman, a PC librarian whose dog was also captured in this scene!)

  • A section of the old Spartanburg County Nursing Home, on New Cut Road, was remodeled for filming scenes of the movie. The building was later torn down and is now part of Spartanburg Community College's property. (Thank you Jayne Marsh for sharing this tidbit and for also letting us know that Julia Roberts stayed at the Residence Inn on Fairforest Road.)

  • The bathroom in which Laura is searching for clues was built in Abbeville by the film company.

  • The interiors of the house Laura moves to in Iowa were shot in Abbeville.

  • The parade that takes place in the town square in Iowa was filmed in Abbeville's City Square. To give the illusion of being in Iowa, the film company changed the license plates of the street cars to fake Iowa plates. They even built a pay phone on the street. All Abbeville residents were invited to be extras in this staged celebration, but were told not to wear any brand name clothes.

Sleeping with the Enemy: Interesting Facts:

  • When Julia Roberts expressed severe disdain for Abbeville in a Rolling Stone interview, town locals pooled their money to take an ad out in Variety that read, "Pretty Woman? Pretty Low" in a reference to the film that helped launch Roberts' star career. Residents also planned to place a billboard in Roberts' home town of Smyrna, GA that would read "Pretty Woman? Pretty Low. Julia, apologize, pretty please."

  • 1990 New York Times article on Julia Roberts' controversial remarks about Abbeville

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