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Radio: Overview

  • Director – Michael Tollin
  • Cast – Cuba Gooding Jr, Ed Harris, Alfre Woodard
  • Genre – Drama, Sports
  • Plot – When a high school football coach befriends a mentally-challenged man, their bond serves as an inspiration to their entire community.

Radio: SC Locations

Radio: Fun Facts

  • The film studio donated money to T.L. Hanna's Special Education Department and bought new uniforms for the football team.

  • The Colleton County School District received roughly $60,000 in funds from the film's economic impact.

  • Deborah McTeer of Varnville portrayed one of Debra Winger's (Ed Harris' wife in the movie) friends in the film. She describes her experience: "After some encouragement from my husband and friends, I went to Walterboro to audition and subsequently got the part of a featured extra in the barber shop scene with Ed Harris, the football coach, and Debra Winger, who played his wife, Linda. I overheard Ms. Winger tell the director that as the coach's wife, it would be unrealistic for her to enter a room crowded with townspeople with whom she had no rapport. The director then asked her to look around the room and choose someone with whom she would like to talk. She walked over to me and asked 'How would you like to do an ad lib scene with me?' 'Sure,' I replied, and we did several takes of a conversation about baking cookies. Although that scene didn't make it off the cutting room floor, Ms. Winger asked that I sit with her in the football stadium scenes. I later was included in a barbershop scene. As a result, my name is listed in the credits as 'Linda's friend.'"

  • Ashley Devlin-Hamilton shares her experience with the filming of Radio as: "My mother and I were living at 102 Webb Street in Walterboro at the time. The film crew looked at our house and thought it would be too fancy for a coach's home. So instead, one of the producers stayed in our home."

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