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Feature your event at the top of a calendar page with an exclusive ad. Your ad will be a large, full-color graphic that will immediately draw the attention of every visitor to the page.

Please note that in keeping with Google's quality standards, your link will be coded "nofollow". This will allow your website to be included on SCIWAY while also keeping you safe in search engines.

Rate & Duration

  • Main Calendar Feature Ads cost $650 per year. SCIWAY's calendar is hugely popular, with over 1 million visitors a year. Each month of the calendar is viewed year-round as people plan ahead.

Do you need a graphic? We'll create it for FREE!

If you need us to create a graphic for you, we are happy to help. There is no charge, and we will work with you to make sure we understand any special wishes you have for its design. You will also have the right to approve your graphic before it is distributed. Take a look at a few of our graphics below:

How to Order?

Just fill out the quick, secure form below.

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Do you already have a graphic? If so, please make sure it adheres to the specifications below and then upload your .jpg, .gif, or .png image here.

Main Calendar Feature Ads: Specifications

If you would like to send your own graphic, please read and adhere to the following specifications. We reserve the right to deny any artwork or to request changes. For more information, please contact Robin at

600 x 500 pixels

Acceptable File Types:
.jpg, .gif, or .png

File Size:
40K max

We highly recommend your ad feature a non-white background so that it will "pop" on the page. If your ad has a light-colored background, it must be surrounded by a one-pixel border of a darker color. Please incorporate this border into your design and overall dimensions. Flash and animated GIF files are not available for calendar ads.

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