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SC Governors – Richard Irvine Manning III, 1915-1919

South Carolina SC History SC Governors Governor Richard Irvine Manning III

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Biographical Overview

Portrait of Richard Irvine Manning III
Richard Irvine Manning III
Courtesy of Men of Mark in South Carolina


  • University of Virginia - 1877-1879


  • Banker
  • Businessman

Major Events and Accomplishments, 1st Term, 1915–1917

  • 1915 – South Carolina citizens voted in a referendum to establish a prohibition on the sale of all alcoholic beverages
  • 1915 – Birth of a Nation, a film portraying of South Carolina in the Reconstruction-era, premiered
  • February 20, 1915 – The General Assembly passed the state's first compulsory education legislation
  • February 29, 1916 – The General Assembly passed a child labor law that raised the minimum age for employment to fourteen

Major Events and Accomplishments, 2nd Term, 1917–1919

  • 1917 – The boll weevil entered South Carolina
  • February 27, 1917 – The state's first chapter of the NAACP was founded in Charleston
  • April 6, 1917 – The United States entered World War I
  • May 18, 1917 – The US Congress passed the Selective Service Act and 307,350 South Carolinians registered for the draft during the course of the war
  • February 14, 1918 – The General Assembly passed legislation allowing women to practice law
  • September-December 1918 – A Spanish Influenza epidemic killed 7,400 South Carolinians
  • November 11, 1918 – World War I ended

Other Government Positions

  • South Carolina House of Representatives, 1892-1896
  • South Carolina Senate, 1898-1906

Other Accomplishments, Honors, Distinctions

Election Results, 1st Term

  • On November 3, 1914, Manning was elected governor without opposition, receiving 34,600 votes

Election Results, 2nd Term

  • On November 7, 1916, Governor Manning was reelected without opposition, receiving 60,396 votes

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