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SC Governors – John Peter Richardson, III, 1886-1890

South Carolina SC History SC Governors Governor John Peter Richardson, III

John P. Richardson

Our 83rd governor was the third in a line of John Peter Richardsons. He was preceded by his grandfather, John Peter Richardson, Esq, and his father – also a governor – John Peter Richardson. Neither son nor father used a suffix during their lifetimes, nor is a suffix recorded on either of their headstones. Suffixes are, in fact, not mandatory, though they are often used for the purpose of genealogical clarity. In that vein, we also will refer to South Carolina's second "Governor John Peter Richardson" as John Peter Richardson, III.

Biographical Overview

  • Born: September 25, 1829 or 1831 in Clarendon County (Note: Almost all sources list 1831 as Richardson's birth year, but his headstone reads 1829.)
  • Died: July 6, 1899 in Columbia
  • Buried:
  • Religion:
  • Political Party: Democrat
Portrait of John Peter Richardson



Major Events & Accomplishments, First Term, 1886–1888

  • Thomas G. Clemson's will, which left funds for the creation of a new college, was validated by the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.

Major Events & Accomplishments, Second Term, 1888–1890

  • 1890 – The Farmer's Association became a powerful political force in South Carolina

Other Government Positions

  • South Carolina House of Representatives
  • South Carolina Senate, 1865-1867
  • Treasurer of South Carolina, 1878-1886

Other Accomplishments, Honors, Distinctions

  • Richardson served on the staff of Confederate General James Cantey from 1862-1865.
  • Winthrop's Richardson Hall was named for Governor John Peter Richardson, III.
  • Elmswood Plantation was Richardson's home.

Election Results, First Term

  • On November 2, 1886, Richardson elected without opposition. He received 33,114 votes.

Election Results, Second Term

  • On November 6, 1888, Governor Richardson was reelected without opposition. He received 58,730 votes.

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