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South Carolina – Revolutionary War Military Engagements

SC SC History SC American Revolution SC Revolutionary War Military Engagements

This list was compiled by Mary Jo Jones of Manning, South Carolina. It lists the date and location of more than 130 military engagements fought in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War, as recorded in Edward McCardy's 1902 History of South Carolina in the Revolution.


Battle or Action


Nov 11-12, 1775 Naval Battle Charleston Harbor
Nov 19-21, 1775 Ninety Six Abbeville County - now Greenwood County
Dec 22, 1775 Great Cane Brake Anderson County - now Greenville County
Jun 26, 1776 Cherokee Indian Town Anderson County
Jun 28, 1776 Fort Moultrie Charleston Harbor
Jul 15, 1776 Lyndley's Fort Laurens County
Aug 1, 1776 Essenecca Anderson County - now Pickens County
Aug 8, 1776OconoreOconee County
Aug 11, 1776TomassyOconee County
Feb 12 , 1779Beaufort - Battle of Port Royall
Beaufort County
Feb 14, 1779Cherokee Ford, Savannah RiverAbbeville County
May 3, 1779CoosawhatchieBeaufort County
May 11-13, 1779Charles Town - Prevost
Charleston County
Jun 20, 1779StonoCharleston County
Jun 1779Galley Fight, Stono RiverCharleston County
Jun 1779Mathew's Plantation - Stono
Charleston County
Jun 1779Capture of seven British vesselsCharleston County
Jun 1779Schooner Rattlesnake - Stono
Charleston County
Mar 18, 1780SalkenhatchieColleton County
Mar 20, 1780Pon PonColleton County
Mar 27, 1780RantowlesCharleston County
Apr 12, 1780Moncks CornerBerkley County
Mar-May 1780Siege of Charles TownCharleston County
May 18, 1780Lenund's FerryBerkeley County
May 1780Beckham's Old FieldChester County
May 1780Mobley's MeetinghouseFairfield County
May 29, 1780Buford's MassacreLancaster County
Jul 12, 1780 Williamson's Plantation - Presbyterian Rebellion, Battle of Huck's Defeat York County
Jul 1780Brandon's CampUnion County
Jul 1780StallionsYork County
Jul 13, 1780Cedar Spring'sSpartanburg County
Jul 13-14, 1780Gowen's Old FortSpartanburg County
Jul 16, 1780McDowell's CampSpartanburg County
Jul 20, 1780Flat RockKershaw County
Jul 30, 1780Thicketty FortSpartanburg County
Aug 1, 1780Hunt's BluffDarlington County - Marlboro County line
Aug 1, 1780Rocky MountLancaster County - now Fairfield County
Aug 1, 1780Hanging Rock - 1st battle
Lancaster County
Aug 6, 1780Hanging Rock - 2nd battle
Lancaster County
Aug 8, 1780Old Iron Work's - 2nd Cedar Springs
Spartanburg County
Aug 15, 1780Port's FerryWilliamsburg County
Aug 15, 1780WatereeRichland County
Aug 16, 1780CamdenKershaw County
Aug 18, 1780Fishing CreekChester County
Aug 18 or 19, 1780Musgrove's MillsLaurens County
Aug 20, 1780Nelson's FerryClarendon County
Aug 27, 1780King's TreeWilliamsburg County
Sep 14, 1780Black MingoWilliamsburg County
Sep 1780TarcoteWilliamsburg County
Oct 7, 1780Kings MountainYork County
Nov 9, 1780FishdamChester County - Union County line
Nov 20, 1780BlackstockUnion County
Dec 4, 1780Rugeley's MillsKershaw County
Dec 11, 1780Long CaneAbbeville County
Dec 30, 1780Hammond's StoreAbbeville County
Dec 31, 1780Williams' PlantationNewberry County
Jan 16, 1781CowpensSpartanburg County - now Cherokee County
Jan 19, 1781DePeyster's CaptureGeorgetown County
Jan 1781Sampit Road, White's BridgeGeorgetown County
Jan 24, 1781GeorgetownGeorgetown County
Jan 24, 1781WadbooBerkeley County
Jan 24, 1781Monck's CornerBerkeley County
Feb 1781Singleton's Mill, Halfway SwampClarendon County
Feb 19, 1781Fort GranbyLexington County
Feb 23, 1781Thomson's PlantationOrangeburg County
Feb 27, 1781Wright's BluffClarendon County
Mar 2, 1781Mud LickNewbery County
Mar 6, 1781Lynch's CreekKershaw County
Mar 6, 1781Wyboo SwampClarendon County
Mar 1781Mount HopeWilliamsburg County
Mar 1781Black RiverWilliamsburg County
Mar 1781Sampit BridgeGeorgetown County
Mar 1781Snow's IslandMarion County - now Florence County
Mar 1781Witherspoon's FerryGeorgetown County
Mar 1781Dutchman's CreekFairfield County
Mar 24, 1781Beattie's MillAbbeville County
Apr 7, 1781Four HolesColleton County
Apr 8, 1781Barton's PostColleton County
Apr 8, 1781Pocotaligo RoadColleton County
Apr 9, 1781Waxhaw's ChurchLancaster County
Apr 13, 1781Fort Balfour, PocotaligoBeaufort County
Apr 15-23, 1781Fort WatsonClarendon County
Apr 1781Mathew's BluffEdgefield County
Apr 1781Wiggins' HillBarnwell County
Apr 1781Horner's CornerEdgefield County
Apr 1781Hammond's MillEdgefield County
Apr 25, 1781Hobkirk's HillKershaw County
May 1, 1781Friday's FerryRichland County
May 1781Bush RiverNewberry County
May 10, 1781Camden, EvaculationKershaw County
May 11, 1781OrangeburghOrangeburg County
May 11 or 12, 1781Fort MotteOrangeburg County - now Calhoun County
May 15, 1781GranbyLexington County
May 15, 1781Beach IslandAiken County
May 21, 1781Fort GalphinAiken County
Jun 5, 1781GeorgetownGeorgetown County
Jun 1781Mydelton's AmbuscadeLexington County
May 12 - Jun 19, 1781Ninety SixAbbeville County - now Greenwood County
Jul 8, 1781Eggleston's CaptureLexington County
Jul 8, 1781Horse ShoeColleton County
Jul 15, 1781Quarter HouseCharleston County
16 Jul 1781WadbooBerkeley County
Jul 1781Quinby BridgeBerkeley County
Jul 1781Washington's RaidBerkeley County
Aug 1, 1781Cuningham's RaidLaurens County
Aug 1781Fork of EdistoOrangeburg County
Aug 31, 1781Parker's FerryColleton County
Aug 31, 1781Charleston RoadBerkeley County
Sep 5, 1781Steven's CreekEdgefield County
Sep 6, 1781Turkey CreekEdgefield County
Sep 9, 1781EutawBerkeley County - now Orangeburg County
Oct 25, 1781Vince's FortBarnwell County
Nov 7, 1781Cloud's CreekEdgefield County
Nov 1781Hayes' StationLaurens County
Nov 1781Gowen's FortGreenville County
Nov 1781Moore's SurpriseOrangeburg County
Nov 27, 1781Fair LawnBerkeley County
Nov 1781R Hampton's SurpriseOrangeburg County
Dec 1, 1781DorchesterBerkeley County - now Dorchester County
Dec 29, 1781DorchesterBerkeley County - now Dorchester County
Jan 3, 1782Videau's BridgeBerkeley County
Feb 24, 1782Savannah RiverBeaufort County
Feb 24, 1782WambawBerkeley County
Feb 25, 1782Tidyman's PlantationBerkeley County
Mar 1782Indian VillagesOconee County
Mar 13, 1782BeaufortBeaufort County
Mar 19, 1782Galley Captured, Ashley RiverCharleston County
Apr 1, 1782Oconee RiverOconee County
Apr 24, 1782DorchesterBerkeley County
May 1782Dean SwampOrangeburg County
May 1782Lorick's FerryEdgefield County
Jun 3, 1782Bowling GreenMarion County
Aug 25, 1782CombaheeColleton County
Aug 29, 1782WadbooBerkeley County
Aug 1782Capers' ScoutBerkeley County
Sep 2, 1782Port Royal FerryBeaufort County
Nov 14, 1782Johns IslandCharleston County


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