Boiling Springs, South Carolina

South Carolina Spartanburg County Boiling Springs Boiling Springs is located in north central Spartanburg County.

By right, this small town could now be called Boiling Spring – singular – since only one spring remains. However, at one time there were in fact two springs located about an eighth of a mile apart. (The dried spring could be found just across Highway 9; it sat in front of the old school, either near or under the spot where Walgreen's is located today.)

When the area was settled in the late 1700s, these springs were something to see! People came from all around to watch the current spring shoot six feet into the air. The geyser has diminished gradually over the years. However, until at least 1990, it did continue to boil.

In 1960 Lake Bowen was completed as a water source and recreational facility. Despite the loss of the springs, water is still a big attraction for those living in and visiting Boiling Springs.

(Many thanks to Vicki Rush of Boiling Springs for sending us this helpful info about the springs!)

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