Are You Smarter than a South Carolina 3rd Grader?

Are You Smarter than a 3rd Grader?

South Carolina Quiz

Each year, third graders in South Carolina study our state's history. A Richland County student named Katie developed this fun and informative quiz as her special year-end project – which she has graciously granted SCIWAY permission to share!

Katie's quiz covers South Carolina's history over the past 500 years. You will only need a few minutes to tackle its 20 questions, and the questions are worth five points each. So take a break and test your knowledge to find out if you are indeed "smarter than a third grader." It just may be harder than you think!

Also, be sure to check out this adorable video of Katie singing the "South Carolina County Song" – a delightful little ditty taught in most third-grade history classes around the state.

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1) What is South Carolina's state gemstone?
a) Garnet
b) Topaz
c) Amethyst
d) Ruby

2) Which is one of South Carolina's state mottos?
a) Semper Fidelis
b) Dum Spiro Spero
c) Carpe Diem
d) Veni, Vidi, Vici

3) Which is not a geological region of South Carolina?
a) Upper Watershed
b) Blue Ridge
c) Piedmont
d) Coastal Plain

4) Which South Carolina county has been home to 10 governors?
a) Charleston
b) York
c) Edgefield
d) Allendale

5) Which of the following foods did Africans not bring to South Carolina?
a) Hoppin' John
b) Peaches
c) Yams
d) Gumbo

6) What is the name of the language created by South Carolina's sea island slaves?
a) Creole
b) Yuchi
c) Gullah
d) Geechee

7) Who is South of the Border's mascot?
a) Juan
b) Julio
c) Pedro
d) Jose

8) The Richardson Waltz is a:
a) Dance
b) Poem
c) Song
d) Play

9) Which is not the name of an actual South Carolina place?
a) Rome
b) Sardinia
c) Florence
d) Venice

10) All of the following are nicknames for South Carolina war heroes except:
a) Gamecock
b) Owl Chief
c) Swamp Fox
d) Wizard Owl

11) Which one was a gentleman pirate?
a) Stede Bonnet
b) Calico Jack
c) Blackbeard
d) Captain Jack Sparrow

12) Who saved the South Carolina flag at Charles Towne during the Revolutionary War?
a) General William Moultrie
b) Sergeant William Jasper
c) Rebecca Motte
d) General Francis Marion

13) What did the Patriots use to build Fort Moultrie?
a) Cobblestones
b) Palmetto logs
c) Bricks
d) Pine trees

14) When Emily Geiger was captured by the British, what did she do with the note she was taking to General Sumter?
a) Burned it
b) Buried it
c) Ate it
d) Gave it away

15) The period of history between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War is called:
a) Antebellum
b) Colonial
c) Bourbon
d) Modern

16) Which fort fired the first shot of the Civil War?
a) Fort Moultrie
b) Castle Pinckney
c) Fort Johnson
d) Fort Sumter

17) Which South Carolina city did Sherman's army destroy?
a) Charleston
b) Beaufort
c) Aiken
d) Columbia

18) Dave Drake, also called "Dave the Potter," was a slave. His pottery is famous today because:
a) Dave wrote poems on many of his pots.
b) Dave was blind.
c) Dave made pottery from corn.
d) Dave only had one arm.

19) Baskets similar to the ones made by slaves are still woven today using:
a) Sweetgrass
b) Hay
c) Sea oats
d) Muscadine vines

20) How many counties are there in South Carolina?
a) 61
b) 46
c) 40
d) 34

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