South Carolina Mental Health Quick Guide

South Carolina SC Health SC Mental Health If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, contact the 24/7/365 Statewide Crisis Response dispatcher at 833-364-2274, or call 911.

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SC Mental Health Laws

Title 44 of the South Carolina Code of Laws focuses on health and patient rights. In some cases, the SC legislature combines laws related to people with mental illness with laws related to people with intellectually disabilities.

  • Mental Health Chapters in Title 44

    Chapter 9 - creation of SCDMH + administration, duties
    Chapter 11 - state mental health facilities
    Chapter 13 - admission, detention, removal of patients
    Chapter 15 - local mental health boards, centers
    Chapter 17 - care, commitment of mentally ill persons
    Chapter 20 - SC Intellectual Disability, Related Disabilities, Head Injuries, and Spinal Cord Injuries Act
    Chapter 21 - Department of Disabilities, Special Needs Family Support Services - focus, services
    Chapter 22 - rights of mental health patients
    Chapter 23 - provisions for both mentally ill and mentally disabled persons
    Chapter 24 - commitment of children
    Chapter 25 - interstate compact on mental health
    Chapter 26 - rights of clients with intellectual disability
    Chapter 27 - patients at federal institutions
    Chapter 28 - trust funds, aid - for self-sufficiency, disability, developmental disability, mental illness, physical handicap

SC Therapists and Psychologists

SC Mental Health Facilities

Many of South Carolina's mental health centers provide both residential and outpatient services.

SC Public Mental Health Centers

SC Private Mental Health Centers

SC State Government Resources

SC Mental Health Organizations

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