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South Carolina ranks among the highest in any state for Latino population growth. Click here to read a good list of fast facts about SC Latinos compiled by USC. We have created this guide to help South Carolina's Hispanic and Latino residents and families find the resources they need to succeed and help improve their lives / create good, safe lives.

Unfortunately, only a few of the following resources have been translated into Spanish. We have included spanish translations for all of our links, but when you click these links, you will most often be taken to a page that is in English.

Advocates of SC Hispanic & Latino Communities

The following groups distribute information and organize resources to facilitate our state's recognition of the growing importance of South Carolina's Hispanic and Latino population.

Groups that Help SC Hispanics & Latinos

SC Hispanic and Latino Health Organizations

Charleston / Medical University of South Carolina

SC Hispanic, Latino Job Resources

SC ESL Programs and SC Spanish Translators, Interpreters

SC Hispanic, Latino Newspapers

  • El Informador - Charleston and Hilton Head areas bi-weekly, Spanish language newspaper - offers online and printed editions

  • La Isla - covers Hilton Head events and stories in Spanish - offers online and printed editions

  • Latino - covers SC news in Spanish - offers online and printed editions - based in Mauldin

SC Hispanic, Latino TV Stations

SC Spanish Radio Stations


SC Hispanic and Latino Events, Festivals

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