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South Carolina Movies Filmed in South Carolina Voodoo Dawn
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Voodoo Dawn: Overview

  • Note – This movie is also called Strange Turf.
  • Director – Steven Fierberg
  • Cast – Raymond St. Jacques, Theresa Merritt, Gina Gershon, Tony Todd
  • Genre – Horror
  • Plot – Immigrant workers are the target of a voodoo priest trying to assemble a zombie army.

Voodoo Dawn: SC Locations

Voodoo Dawn: Fun Facts

  • Lynn Mellis sent us this great info:

    "I was an extra in the film along with several friends and spent a couple of all-nighters in the 'no talent' tent having a grand time.

    "One of the two locations was off US 52 between Moncks Corner and Goose Creek, near Cypress Gardens. I want to say that I turned right by the Strawberry Shortstop, but I am not sure. The site was an old mansion, set back from the road with its own lane and lots of acreage. There were tons of live oaks – it was shortly before [hurricane] Hugo – with yards of Spanish Moss hanging down. Perfect haunted house scenery.

    "The scenes my friends and I were there for were night scenes, and in one we carried the zombie bodies (dummies) and loaded them on a pyre. Tony Todd was making an important speech to the migrant workers in one night scene. There was a very clear full moon on that night, and it was very eerie.

    "The other location I was a part of was a daytime shoot down 17 heading towards Hollywood from Charleston. I remember making a left from Charleston and heading out into rural areas. The scene was a migrant worker farm area with complete scenes built by the production crew consisting of shacks and clotheslines, cooking implements lying about outside the shacks, a village of sorts.

    "We were definitely background and milled around while two main characters – young people – came walking down a dirt road, over farmland and climbing over a ranch style fence. One of them might have been Billy Butler. When I got the casting call (at the time I was on 'the list' for extra work), I was given the dubious distinction of being told I was 'perfect' for the role of a migrant worker. We had to bring bandannas to wear in our hair and were told to wear clothing that was ill-fitting and suitable for field hands."

    Thanks, Lynn!

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