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South Carolina Movies Filmed in South Carolina The Lords of Discipline
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The Lords of Discipline: Overview

  • Director – Franc Roddam
  • Cast – David Keith, Michael Biehn
  • Genre – Thriller
  • Plot – Set in the 1960s, the film follows Will, who is about to start his senior year at a military college in the Deep South when he learns that he will be looking out for Pearce, a black student that has just been accepted.

The Lords of Discipline: SC Locations

  • The film is set at The Citadel in Charleston, yet it was actually filmed in England, after The Citadel refused to allow the filming to take place there.

The Lords of Discipline: Fun Facts

  • While the movie was originally going to be filmed on location at The Citadel in Charleston, it was vetoed by Citadel leaders after they had learned of the delays and annoyances that had occurred with the filming of Taps on the campus of the Valley Forge Military Academy.
  • Another reason cited for the refusal to film at The Citadel was the negative outlook that Pat Conroy, who had attended the military academy in the 1960s, depicted in his novel.

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