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South Carolina Movies Filmed in South Carolina The Great Santini
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The Great Santini: Overview

  • Director – Lewis John Carlino
  • Cast – Robert Duvall, Blythe Danner, Michael O'Keefe, Lisa Jane Persky
  • Genre – Drama
  • Plot – A Beaufort boy struggles to enter manhood under the shadow of his overbearing military father. Based on the novel by Pat Conroy.

The Great Santini: SC Locations

  • The Meechum family home scenes were shot at 1 Laurens Street in Beaufort. The house is known as both Tidalholm and the Edgard Fripp Home, after the rice planter who had it built.

  • Many of the military scenes were shot at the Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station.

  • The open square known as "The Point" in Beaufort is where Ben finds his father drunk under a tree.

The Great Santini: Fun Facts

  • The Edgard Fripp Home (Tidalholm) used extensively in the film was also used in The Big Chill.

  • Stan Smith and his family, who lived in the house at the time, were contracted to stay in the home during the entire 3-month shoot. This wasn't so the Smiths could make sure nothing happened to the home during the shoot. Instead, it was a move to protect the movie company from being liable for damages that might have been around since the 1850s.

  • After the shoot, the film company repainted the house and refinished the floors.

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