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Full Metal Jacket: Overview

  • Director – Stanley Kubrick
  • Cast – Matthew Modine, Adam Baldwin, Vincent D'Onofrio, Lee Ermey
  • Genre – War, Drama
  • Plot – A US Marine observes the dehumanizing effects of the war in Vietnam on his fellow soldiers.

Full Metal Jacket: SC Locations

  • The graduation of the platoon was shot on Parris Island and includes footage from an actual Marine Corps graduation.

Full Metal Jacket: Fun Facts

  • Lee Ermey, a former US Marine and Parris Island drill instructor, was first hired by Kubrick as a military technical advisor. Kubrick was so impressed with Ermey's depiction of a drill sergeant during casting session improvisations that he cast Ermey as Sergeant Hartman in the film.

  • More recently, Lee Ermey has been the host of the History Channel's Mail Call television show.

  • Since most of the Parris Island boot camp scenes were actually shot on a military base in England, the set there was recreated to authentically resemble the Beaufort locale.

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