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South Carolina Movies Filmed in South Carolina Forces of Nature
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Forces of Nature: Overview

  • Director – Bronwen Hughes
  • Cast – Ben Affleck, Sandra Bullock
  • Genre – Romantic Comedy
  • Plot – A man about to get married meets an intriguing stranger after a minor airplane accident.

Forces of Nature: SC Locations

  • The scenes set at the Cahill's house were shot at "The Castle," a private residence at 411 Craven Street in downtown Beaufort.

  • The amusement park scenes were shot over a three-day period at South of the Border, which is near Dillon on I-95. One of the scenes featured the spinning sombrero ride.

Forces of Nature: Fun Facts

  • For the filming at South of the Border, thousands of people showed up to be extras, but only 70 were used. They were dressed in Mexican outfits and used in the background.

  • The grass at "The Castle" was sprayed with a coat of green paint to enhance its color on film.

  • During the production of Forces of Nature, the parking lot of Carteret Street United Methodist Church was used for the DreamWorks studio's trailers and canteen tent.

  • While filming in Beaufort, Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock were guests at the Rhett House Inn in downtown Beaufort.

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