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Don't Tell Her It's Me: Overview

  • Note – This movie is also called The Boyfriend School.
  • Director – Malcolm Mowbray
  • Cast – Steve Guttenberg, Jami Gertz, Shelley Long
  • Genre – Comedy, Romance
  • Plot – A cancer survivor struggles to find his true love.

Don't Tell Her It's Me: SC Locations

  • This movie was filmed in the Charleston area, with at least one scene filmed on Sullivan's Island. We are still looking for details about specific locations, so please let us know if you have any info. Thanks!

  • In one scene, Lobo rides over one of the old Cooper River Bridges, which connected Charleston to Mount Pleasant. These bridges have since been torn down and replaced by the Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

  • The gas station where Lobo meets Emily has also been torn down. As SCIWAY contributor Virginia explains, "The old Limehouse gas station was located at the foot of the Ashley River Bridge on the corner of Lockwood and the Crosstown, just across from Crosby's Seafood. The station was spared for the filming and then torn down. The small building currently on that lot resembles the architecture of the old station."

  • Virginia also contributed the following: Stiles Point Plantation was used for Lobo's sister's house. It is still standing in the Stiles Point subdivision off Harbor View Road on James Island. Just drive down Old Plantation Road until it intersects with Paul Revere Drive. The current owners of the house have let the trees grow up in front so it's a little hard to see.

Don't Tell Her It's Me: Fun Facts

  • The South Carolina flag can be seen in this movie.

  • SCIWAY contributors Art and Marilyn, who lived in Stiles Point during the filming, have this to say: "They filmed the movie in the plantation house and in the Stiles Point neighborhood. The plantation house is only 3,500 square feet but beautiful inside. Steve Guttenberg drove his motorcycle around the neighborhood. The stars trailers were parked on the lot that we later built on. They served lunch to the people who lived in the neighborhood at the time."

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