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Guide the SC Picture Project's Future

The SC Picture Project at is in the market for an Executive Director, someone who can guide our new organization towards a secure future so it can flourish.

The person we are looking for will need to be unique because, basically, he or she must be both an introvert and an extravert. In other words, we not only need a serious scholar who enjoys hours of reading and writing, but we also need a crackerjack salesperson who is not afraid to sing for his or her supper.

As a nonprofit, we will always require funding, and our goal is to find someone who can do rock-solid historical research while also marketing the heck out of the SC Picture Project. He or she should be fearless and dynamic – able to speak well in interviews with the media, make presentations to both small and large groups, and reach out to potential and existing sponsors and donors on a regular basis.

To succeed at this job, you will need to be independent, ambitious, creative, industrious, and enthusiastic. You will need to be able to build engaged communities within South Carolina via social media, emails, newsletters, and networking. You will need to be able to accept and respond cheerfully to constructive criticism from the board and chair. Finally, your work will need to be meticulous as we place an extremely high value on accuracy.

If you would like to learn more about this job, please send a detailed letter to explaining your credentials and specific interest in the SC Picture Project, including but not limited to:
  • Your experience with similar scholarly and organizational endeavors
  • Ideas you can envision for the project's future
  • Fundraising abilities
  • Comfort level with media and public speaking
Thank you! We expect the hiring process for this position to take a good bit of time, given the specialized candidate we are seeking, so please take your time in composing a letter. Thoughtfulness is much more important to us than expedience.

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