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Name, Language – Wateree Indians

  • Alternate spellings: ?
  • Possible meanings: "to float on water"
  • Language family: Siouan

Current Status – Wateree Indians

SC Location, Territory – Wateree Indians

Related SC Names – Wateree Indians

Population Estimates – Wateree Indians

  • 1600: 1000

History – Wateree Indians

  • Met Spanish explorer Juan Pardo sometime between 1566 and 1567, killing the soldiers he left behind.

  • Fought with colonists against the Tuscarora Indians of North Carolina in the Tuscarora War of 1711-1712.

  • Fought against colonists in the Yemassee War which greatly reduced their population in 1715.

  • In the mid 1700s, the remaining tribe members merged with the Catawba tribe.

Dwellings – Wateree Indians

  • Homes: Round, bark-covered dwellings with a fireplace in the center and opening in the roof to release smoke. Extended families lived in a single dwelling.
  • Villages: Surrounded by a wooden palisade or wall. Consisted of a large, square council house, a "sweat lodge" or sauna, individual homes, and an open plaza for meetings, games, and dances.

Food – Wateree Indians

  • Farming: Corn, beans, and squash
  • Fishing: Variety of freshwater fish
  • Hunting: Deer and other game

Beliefs and Practices – Wateree Indians

  • ?

Related Wateree Indian Resources

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