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Name, Language – Etiwan Indians

  • Alternate spellings: Etiwa, Etiwaw, Itawan, Eutaw, Etavans
  • Possible meanings: From the Cawtawba for "pine tree"
  • Language family: Muskogean

Current Status – Etiwan Indians

SC Location, Territory – Etiwan Indians

Related SC Names – Etiwan Indians

Population Estimates – Etiwan Indians

  • 1715: 240 (one village)

History – Etiwan Indians

  • In 1670, English settlers who arrived on Daniel Island from Barbados found the Etiwan inhabiting the area.

  • By 1707, The Etiwan had migrated to the Goose Creek area. Reverend Francis Le Jau, described the Etiwans as having a deep chestnut color, hair black and straight, their eyes black and sparkling, with little or no hair on their chins, and well limbed and featured.

  • During the 1715 Yemassee War, Etiwan were among the 100 or so free Indians that fought with the English.

  • By 1750, the Etiwan were subject to hostile Indian raiding parties from the North who sought to capture them and trade them as slaves to the Spanish.

  • Last historical reference was in 1751. The Etiwan were mentioned as one of the small tribes for which South Carolina's colonial government made peace with the Iroquois.

Dwellings – Etiwan Indians

  • ?

Food – Etiwan Indians

  • Farming – ?
  • Fishing – ?
  • Hunting – ?

Beliefs and Practices – Etiwan Indians

  • ?

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