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South Carolina SC Native Americans SC Indian Tribes SC Edisto Indians Click here if you are looking for information on the "Edisto Indian Organization," which has historically been known as the Kusso-Natchez Tribe.

Name, Language – Edisto Indians

  • The Edisto were a member of the Cusabo family of tribes.

  • Alternate spellings: Edistoe, Edistow, Adusta, Audusta, Orista, Oristanum

  • Possible meanings: ?

  • Language family: Muskogean

Current Status – Edisto Indians

SC Location, Territory – Edisto Indians

Related SC Names – Edisto Indians

Population Estimates – Edisto Indians

  • 1600: 1,000

History – Edisto Indians

  • The Edisto aided a group of French Huguenots in 1562 with their unsuccessful attempt to establish a colony at Port Royal.

  • The Spanish established a mission and built Fort San Felipe in the area in 1566.

  • The Edisto and their neighbors rebelled against the Spanish and burned the fort in 1576. The Spanish rebuilt the fort.

  • The Spanish abandoned Fort San Felipe in 1587. The Edisto moved from the lower Edisto River to Edisto Island.

  • In 1663, they entertained English exploring parties.

  • An English colony was established in the area in 1670.

  • Weakened by disease and attacks from neighboring tribes, during 1715, the Edisto gradually disappeared.

Dwellings – Edisto Indians

  • ?

Food – Edisto Indians

  • Farming – ?
  • Fishing – ?
  • Hunting – ?

Beliefs and Practices – Edisto Indians

  • ?

Related Edisto Indian Resources

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