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South Carolina SC Government SC Elections Add Candidates SCIWAY provides coverage of South Carolina elections as a public service. We cover all federal races, state races, and county-level races, as well as school board and special district elections. We are currently unable to cover city-level elections.

There is no charge to include your link in our guide, which is widely used by South Carolina citizens and attracts over 480,000 visits per election cycle. If you are interested in advertising in this guide, please contact

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You do not need to be a candidate to fill out this form; you can fill it out on someone's behalf. Please note that we will only link to a Facebook page if no other website exists. It must be a campaign Facebook page, not a personal Facebook page. We will not link to a government page for incumbents because we believe that doing so could lend them an unfair advantage.

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About Our SC Election Guide

Since 1998, SCIWAY has maintained South Carolina's largest and most complete Election Guide. No other service in our state approaches its size or scope. During the last election cycle, more than 483,000 people used our guide to help them learn about the candidates and issues that shape their lives. Please note:
  • SCIWAY lists SC candidates regardless of political affiliation.
  • The candidate needs to have filed with and been certified to run by the SC Election Commission or be running as a write-in candidate.
  • There is no charge to add a candidate.
  • A candidate does not need to have a website to be included.
SCIWAY is not part of the government and receives no government funding or support. We are a private company and maintain this guide as a public service for our state. We want to help empower people to become involved and make informed decisions for themselves and their communities.

SCIWAY depends on the people of South Carolina to contribute their knowledge of local races. If you know of a candidate in your area, even if you are not involved in his or her campaign, please let us know.

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