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SCIWAY News No. 90 – June 2010

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In This Issue

  1. Are You Smarter than a South Carolina Third Grader?
  2. Help Save the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor

Are You Smarter than a South Carolina Third Grader?

Each year, third graders in South Carolina study our state's history. This year, a Richland County student named Katie developed this fun and informative quiz as her special year-end project – which she has graciously granted SCIWAY permission to share!

Katie's quiz covers South Carolina's history over the past 500 years. You will only need a few minutes to tackle its 20 questions, and the questions are worth five points each. So take a break and test your knowledge to find out if you are indeed "smarter than a third grader." It just may be harder than you think!

By the way, we are happy to report that Katie received an A+ on her project. When asked if she had any words of wisdom for us old timers, she replied simply, "Well, all I can say is to know your facts and good luck!"

Help Save the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor

Today our state legislature will decide whether to overrideGovernor Sanford's vetos of funding for SCETV, childhood immunization programs, school bus fuel, HIV/AIDS care, restaurant inspections, county libraries, rabies vaccinations, and thousands of SC jobs – but the battle doesn't end there.

The South Carolina Heritage Corridor – which runs through 17 counties "from the mountains to the sea" – is also facing potentially catastrophic funding cuts. The only difference is they are facing these cuts from the feds.

If you've ever followed a portion of the corridor, or visited one of its grant sites or Discovery Centers, you know what a profound loss for our state this would be. Not only does the SCNHC provide funding for historical preservation, it also provides a real shot in the arm for rural SC towns – where it attracts tourists and creates much-needed jobs.

All in all, the SCNHC leverages a whopping $5.50 for every $1 in federal funds – not a bad return on investment if you ask us! Please click here - page no longer available to learn what you can do to help today. Generations of future South Carolinians will thank you!

Read our related article: National Heritage Corridor Provides Perfect SC Stay-Cation.

Pictured: Aiken County Historical Museum, A SCNHC Grant Site

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