Tara Bailey – Writer, Pizza Enthusiast, and Lover of South Carolina

Hello there!

Me in my own words: Good question ... I have held many positions in my working life that have prepared me for the ultimate job at the South Carolina Picture Project. I have been everything from a naturalist in an Audubon Center to a columnist, a Charleston tour guide to an English teacher. Finally, I am home!
Alma Mater: Presbyterian College and the Citadel (graduate school, not the Corps of Cadets!)
A random fact or two: I love metal art and weld in what used to be my free time. I have also lived all over this great state, which gives me perspective on SC history and culture.
One thing I want to do in my life: I used to say climb Mount Everest until I discovered that I could barely handle the ice storm of 2014. Now it is just to see Mount Everest (and then quickly go inside).
What I believe: We need to take better care of our planet and education is the key to most of our economic problems.
My hometown: I was born in Charleston and grew up in Spartanburg.
If I won the lottery, I'd: Provide scholarships for kids with no family support

Why it's awesome being a Sandlapper ...

A South Carolina smell I love: Pluff mud, boiled peanuts, and anything from my mother's Spartanburg garden
If I had a time-machine, I would: Attend the 1736 opening night of The Recruiting Officer at the Dock Street Theatre
Most hilarious SC landmark: The Peachoid in Gaffney
My Palmetto State truth: Anyone from the Palmetto State can criticize South Carolina ... anyone from off may not.
My SC "Claim to Fame": I was once in a Piggly Wiggly ad and grew up in my grandparents' Columbia bookstore, The Happy Bookseller.
Place in SC I want to protect: Wetlands
Favorite spot in South Carolina: Pawleys Island
Favorite SC plant: Wax myrtle
Favorite SC animal: Bottle-nosed dolphin
Favorite SC celebrity: Who else but Stephen Colbert?

These are a few of my favorite things ...

Favorite books: Moby-Dick and A Confederacy of Dunces
Favorite movie: The Princess Bride
3 things that make me happy: Stomping around the woods, rainy Sunday afternoons, and family night on Fridays
Several things I adore: Boiled peanuts, salty air, the barred owls in my backyard, hiking at Table Rock, tomatoes, taking my kids to the camp where I worked in college, and roaming downtown Charleston with no schedule
My dream car: A Prius – not adequate for a family of five
A sound I love: White-throated sparrows, cicadas, and treefrogs
A smell I love: A freshly-cleaned bathroom
A guilty pleasure: A cheese platter at Summerville's Accent on Wine
Favorite Southern food: Cheese grits
Favorite Southern saying: "How youuuuu???"
My true love(s): The crazy people who live in my house