Kerri Fitts – Manager

Nice to meet you!

Me in my own words:The organizer because if I didn't, I would be wondering around in a constant state of confusion
Alma Mater: University of South Carolina
A random fact or two: The animals in my house outnumber the people two-to-one
One thing I want to do in my life: Travel overseas with my daughter (Update: I got to do this July 2014!)
What I believe: That fire ants are truly evil
People I admire most: Teachers
My hometown: Atlanta
If I won the lottery, I'd: Try to help those quiet and often overlooked community needs. Plus, I would hire a cook so I wouldn't have to decide on, shop for, or cook dinner.

Why it's awesome being a Sandlapper ...

A South Carolina smell I love: A crisp, fall morning
If I had a time-machine, I would: attend the very first USC vs. Clemson football game
Most hilarious SC landmark: Cars on poles ... what is that all about?
My Palmetto State truth: Macaroni and cheese is a vegetable
Place in South Carolina I've never been: The Big Mo
Place in SC I want to protect: The waterways
Favorite spot in South Carolina: A quiet spot on the shore of any SC lake
Favorite SC plant: Poinsettias
Favorite SC animal: White tailed deer
Favorite SC celebrity: Stephen Colbert, of course!

These are a few of my favorite things ...

Favorite book: The 1936 edition of Gone with the Wind given to me by my BFF Wendy
Favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life
Favorite song: Home by Vanessa Carlton
3 things that make me happy: Hugs; watching my daughter dance; all accomplishments big and small
Several things I adore: A clean house, having the windows open, the glass blue bird on my desk that my great-grandmother gave me and SCIWAY!
My dream car: One that starts up and runs every time I get in it
A sound I love: The call of a quail
A smell I love: Fresh, cut grass
Favorite mode of transportation: My feet
A guilty pleasure: A pedicure
Favorite Southern food: Grits with LOTS of cheese
Favorite Southern saying: "Bless your heart."
My true love(s): Dixie, Woody, Jack, Sophie, Pepper, and Oreo...when they aren't driving me crazy