Robin Welch — Editor

Good to Know You!

Me in my own words: A mess
A random fact or two: I'm unable to say the word documentary and I still call my iPod a Walkman
One thing I want to do in my life: Be kind
Second prettiest state in the union: The whole of Florida and Estes Park
Place I'd most love to travel: Scotland and the west coast of Africa
Person I admire most: My father
My hometown: James Island
If I won the lottery, I'd: Help animals in cages and hire a mariachi band to play for me every Saturday night
Person I'd most love to have known: Henry Thoreau
What I love: Otis Redding on a record player; clover; the sun on my shoulders

So What Would You Say You Do Here?

What I do at SCIWAY: Edit our pages and dream up ways to make SCIWAY better
Favorite thing about SCIWAY: My coworkers, Kerri and Tara, and the chance we have to document our state's history/culture and create resources that will endure through time
If my boss gave me the afternoon off, I'd: Visit the ocean with my niece Koko

Why Being a Sandlapper Makes Me Smile:

A South Carolina smell I love: Pluff mud, salt air, and honeysuckle – the symbol of summer
Most hilarious SC landmark: The Pelion Peanut. What were they thinking?
My Palmetto State secret: My mind contains an absolute wealth of useless SC information. For example, there are exactly 47 steps leading to the US Customs House in Charleston.
One thing I miss: Until I went to college, there was no such thing as sweet tea. There was hot tea and there was iced tea, and no one would have dreamt of drinking tea without sugar. I also miss forests and open spaces terribly.
My SC "Claim to Fame": My fourth-great grandfather, Thomas Cooper, was the first president of USC, and my great-grandmother, Harriott Holmes Jerdone, a teacher at the black elementary school in Charleston, defeated the state historian in a South Carolina history contest, winning her first icebox. My ancestor Pierre Robert was also the first Huguenot minister in South Carolina.
Place in South Carolina I most want to go: Bull Island
Place in SC I most want to protect: Johns Island
Favorite spot in South Carolina: Morris Island
Favorite SC small town: Edisto, hands down
Favorite SC plant: Peach and pecan trees
Favorite SC animal: Pelicans
Favorite SC celebrity: Julia Peterkin and James Brown

A Few of My Favorite Things ...

3 things that make me happy: My sisters – Wendy, Julia, and Jenny
Several things I adore: Open windows, front porches, screen doors, horses, and hydrangeas
My dream car: A rowboat
A sound I love: Rain
Favorite mode of transportation: My feet – bicycles are a close second!
A guilty pleasure: Reading far too late at night
Favorite Southern food: Grits and watermelon, in no particular order
My true love: Henry Louisa – "Buggy" – see picture at left