Port Royal, South Carolina

South Carolina Beaufort County Port Royal Port Royal is located in Beaufort County. The Spanish established a fort here in the 1520's and for the next 230 years, the area was claimed and fought over alternately by the Spanish, the native Indians, the French, England's Lords Proprietors, Scots, English settlers, and American colonists.

Perfect land for growing cotton and rice, Port Royal plantations enjoyed prosperity during the Colonial Era. But early in the Civil War, Union forces overran all of South Carolina's sea islands. White plantation owners fled, leaving their houses and slaves behind. The Federal Government enlisted the aid of teachers and missionaries from the North to help former slaves establish new lives as freed men and women.

These programs, including the town of Mitchellville on Hilton Head Island and the Penn School on St. Helena Island were known collectively as the Port Royal Experiments.

Beaufort is the largest city near Port Royal. Here is a map of the Beaufort area.

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