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Step 5: Pick Your Favorite Allendale County Photo

Step 5: Vote for your favorite Allendale County photo using the form below. Click any thumbnail to see a larger version.

Salkahatchie Baptist Church in Ulmer
Lamar Nix of Seabrook

"Folks in Ulmer like that old time religion. The Great Salkahatchie Baptist Church, formed in 1790, suits them just fine. Located in uptown Ulmer, it looks to be the center of attention on Sunday mornings. It is in fine form, especially for such an old church. It is near to the settlement of Buford's Bridge which dates to the early 1700s, just across the Salkahatchie River."
Tailor Shop in Allendale
Lamar Nix of Seabrook

"Driving through Allendale, one cannot help noticing the grand old buildings along the main streets. The one pictured here has loads of character and has long been a favorite of mine. Located on US 301 at US 278, it was originally a tailor's shop but has been closed up for some time. Fortunately the architectural treasures in this part of town are rapidly finding new life as chic boutique shops."
Fairfax Train Depot
Ann Helms of Spartanburg

"This is the Charleston & Western Carolina Railroad depot built in the 1800s when the town post office was called Sanders and the train stop was called Campbell's Station. With the growth of the railroad, the town was incorporated and renamed Fairfax in 1893. The railroad remains an important part of the city today."

Manuel's Grocery
Lamar Nix of Seabrook

"Manuel's Grocery & Barber Shop for many years was the hub of this agricultural community, located on the railroad along SC 125 on Galilee Road. It closed down some time back. Today it is a pleasing landmark to passersby on the "Atomic Road" (SR 125) between Allendale and Beech Isle, punctuated by pretty wildflowers in the spring time. Maybe there will be a place again in commerce for this country store; at least we hope that it will not crumble from neglect and be lost to history."
Allendale County Courthouse
Lamar Nix of Seabrook

"The Allendale County Courthouse is a handsome and stately building appropriate to a hall of justice. It sits at the end of a long avenue with gardens situated in the median. The gardens are being replanted and manicured which makes the view even grander. The scene beckons to be viewed and photographed."
Ulmer Gas Station
Lamar Nix of Seabrook

"In years gone by, Buford's Ferry Highway (US 301) was the major road from Columbia to Savannah running right through Ulmer and Allendale. Many motels, gas stations, and small groceries prospered along the route. Then along came I-26 and I-95 and overnight the commerce along this route dried up. The filling station-grocery pictured here, located in uptown Ulmer, is of a style typical of the 1940s. As the sign indicates it has been closed for a while, and its gas pumps removed. The single pump island is intact except for some wildflowers which have pushed through cracks in the cement. Although its highway commerce is gone, Ulmer has been around for many years and from all indications its industrial and agricultural production are still going strong."