SCIWAY Advertising Guide – Demographics

SCIWAY Demographics

  • With very few exceptions, every person who uses SCIWAY either lives in South Carolina or wants to move or vacation here.

  • Our in-state, out-of-state traffic is almost exactly equal. In other words, it is a 50-50 split.

  • The top five sources of out-of-state traffic are North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Ohio, and Florida. California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Tennessee round out the Top 10.

  • One-third of all SCIWAY users earn over $100,000/year.

  • SCIWAY has slightly more female users than male users, which mirrors Internet use in general.

  • 35% of the people who use SCIWAY are 18-34 years old. 25% are 35-49, and 23% are over 50.

  • Since the beginning, SCIWAY has been a valuable learning tool in SC schools. Nearly 17% of our users are under the age of 18.

  • 75% of SCIWAY's users are Caucasian. 19% are African-American.

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