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South Carolina

South Carolina – State Symbols, Emblems, Nicknames

South Carolina SC Facts & Firsts SC State Symbols, Emblems, Nicknames

State Nicknames

State Symbols, Emblems

South Carolina has many state symbols of cultural and historical relevance to the state. Most have only recently been designated state symbols, although the state seal was first used in 1777. The state flag wasn't adopted for almost another century, when South Carolina seceded from the Union and desired a new flag. The 1900s saw the introduction of many new state symbols such as South Carolina's state tree in 1939, the state animal in 1972, and the state fruit in 1984.

  • SC Amphibian - Spotted Salamander - named the official state amphibian in 1999, following a year-long campaign by the third-grade class of Woodland Heights Elementary School in Spartanburg.
    Spotted Salamander

  • SC Animal - White Tailed Deer - can be seen bounding through South Carolina's woods year-round. They are plentiful in our state, and in 1972 the legislature named them the official state animal.
    SC Animal

  • SC Beverage - Milk - there are around 90 dairy farms in our state.
  • SC Bird - Carolina Wren - known for nesting in unusual places such as bags, boxes, flower pots, and even shoes!
    – Mockingbird, 1939 – 1948

  • SC Butterfly - Eastern Tiger Swallowtail - named for the long portion of their hind wings which resemble a swallow's tail feathers. Each of the fore wings of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail has four black stripes resembling a tiger.
    SC Butterfly

  • SC Fish - Striped Bass (Rockfish)
  • SC Flag - Note: No one knows for sure what the crescent on the caps of Moultrie's troops represented
  • SC Flower - Yellow Jessamine (pronounced "JES-uh-min" or "jaz'min")
    SC Flower

  • SC Folk Art and Craft Center - South Carolina Artisans Center, Walterboro
  • SC Folk Dance - The Square Dance
  • SC Food (unofficial) - Grits
  • SC Fossil - Columbian Mammoth - the bill was signed in 2014 after the efforts of a third-grader from Lake City. In 1725, fossilized mammoth teeth were discovered in a SC swamp.
  • SC Fruit - Peach - We lead all southern states in peach production – including Georgia! – and are fondly called the "Tastier Peach State."
  • SC Grass - Indian Grass
  • SC Gemstone - Amethyst - several world-class amethysts have been discovered at the Ellis-Jones Mine in Abbeville County
    SC Gemstone

  • SC Mace - Mace of the House of Representatives
  • SC Marine Mammal - Bottlenosed Dolphin
  • SC Migratory Marine Mammal - Northern Right Whale
  • SC Mottos - one motto is "Dum Spiro Spero," which is Latin for "While I Breathe, I Hope." The woman pictured to the right is the Roman goddess Spes, the goddess of hope.
    SC Mottos

  • Music - The Spiritual
  • SC Pledge - "I salute the flag of South Carolina and pledge to the Palmetto State love, loyalty and faith."
  • SC Poet Laureate (current) - Marjory Wentworth
    Previous Poet Laureates:
    – Bennie Lee Sinclair, 1986-2000
    – Grace Beacham Freeman, 1985-1986
    – Ennis Rees, 1984-1985
    – Helen von Kolnitz Hyer, 1974-1983
    – Archibald Rutledge, 1934-1973

  • SC Popular Music - Beach Music - originated around the time of the second World War, and has come to be regarded as synonymous with the official state dance, the Shag.
    SC Popular Music

  • SC Tartan - Carolina Tartan
  • SC Tree - Sabal Palmetto (Cabbage Palmetto) - the flexibility of its trunk, together with its strong root system, enable the palmetto to withstand the fierce winds that so often strike our coastline.
    SC Tree

  • SC Waltz - The Richardson Waltz
  • SC Wildflower - Goldenrod
  • SC Wild Game Bird - Wild Turkey - these turkeys are very good fliers. Even though they fly relatively close to the ground and only for short distances, they can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour!
    SC Wild Game Bird


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