Grave Matters: The Preservation of African-American Cemeteries

South Carolina SC African-Americans Grave Matters – Introduction

African-American cemeteries are a unique resource. They not only represent the last resting place of black Americans, but they are also storehouses of African-American history. The graveyards and the grave decorations offer an unusual glimpse of a part of history which is rapidly disappearing.

The cultural customs of the people using these cemeteries are quickly changing. In addition, the cemeteries themselves are being lost to development. Sometimes the locations of the cemeteries are not known. Other times, the cemeteries look "abandoned" and "uncared" for.

This booklet will help you discover the origins of African-American cemeteries, the beliefs of the people who have used them, and the reasons why they are so important to our understanding of black culture. You can play a vital role in helping to preserve these cemeteries.

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Grave Matters – Introduction
History of Black Cemeteries
Archaeology of Black Cemeteries
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Preservation of Black Cemeteries
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