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Boykin, South Carolina

South Carolina Kershaw County Boykin

Overview of Boykin

Early Boykin History

Boykin is located in Kershaw County just a few miles south of Camden. It was named for the William Boykin family who settled the town in 1755.

William's son, Burwell, came to own most of the land on the north and south sides of Swift Creek. In 1792, he dammed the creek to make a 400-acre millpond to power a grist and flour mill, as well as a sawmill. These mills provided jobs and necessary services to the thriving farm community.

Boykin & the Civil War

The Civil War officially ended with Lee's surrender on April 9, 1865, but word traveled slowly and Union general Edward Potter continued his destructive raid through South Carolina for days thereafter. On April 19, his troops engaged with Confederate regulars at Boykin's Mill. The outnumbered South Carolina troops were only able to slow the raiders by one day. Lieutenant Stevens of the 54th Massachusetts, killed in this battle, was the last known Federal officer to die in the Civil War.

Fifteen-year-old Burwell Boykin, a volunteer with the South Carolina Home Guard and a descendent of Boykin's founder, was among those who defended his home that day.

Boykin Spaniels

Another Boykin descendent gave us our state dog, the Boykin Spaniel. In the early 1900s, Whit Boykin experimented with breeding until he developed an all-purpose hunting dog small enough for boat travel who would retrieve on both land and water. Boykins are now found all over America, and like many sporting breeds make wonderful family pets.

Boykin Today

Today, Boykin is a small community in rural Kershaw County. There are a couple of restaurants and small shops gathered around the old millpond, includng the Mill Pond Steakhouse which is housed in the former mill. Swift Creek Baptist Church, established in 1787, stands proudly just a short walk away.

Camden is the largest city near Boykin. Here is a map of the Camden area.

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