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What is Chicora Foundation?

South Carolina SC African-Americans The Chicora Foundation

Chicora began as a small, not-for-profit, public foundation more than a decade ago, with the lofty mission of preserving the archaeological, historical, and cultural resources of the Carolinas.

Today that means a wealth of innovative programs.

Like our school programs explaining Black and Native American history to children. "How-to" workshops for adults interested in preserving quilts, photos, and family Bibles. and our collaborative archaeology projects with leading business partners such as Kiawah Resort Associates, International Paper, Westvaco Development Corporation, and The Beach Company to explore both the history and prehistory of our region.

Chicora Foundation is the leader in showing that preservation is not only essential for us as a people, but good business as well. and we remain at the cutting edge of Southern studies with our monograph series, talks at professional meetings, and museum assistance programs.

How can YOU help? Please don't let our fragile heritage become extinct through gradual loss. Join with us in studying the past and teaching it to our future generations. Your generous financial gift to Chicora is a visible expression of your commitment to saving and preserving the important cultural heritage of the Carolinas.

Chicora Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 8664 • 861 Arbutus Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29202-8664


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